A Message from Last Door Recovery Society: Accountability, Transparency, and Healing

Trigger Warning: This message discusses sensitive content related to sexual assault. 

In addressing a topic that requires sensitivity and consideration, it is important to acknowledge the potential impact it may have on individuals. According to the Criminal victimization in Canada report from 2019, it was found that only 6% of sexual assault incidents experienced by Canadians aged 15 and older in the previous 12 months were reported to the police. This statistic highlights the underreporting and the significance of providing support and resources to survivors of sexual assault. 

To anyone who may be affected by this topic, please be aware that the following content discusses sensitive issues related to sexual assault. If you find this distressing or triggering, we encourage you to prioritize your well-being and consider seeking support. 

For individuals seeking help and support in British Columbia and the Yukon, VictimLinkBC is a toll-free, confidential, and multilingual service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach them by calling or texting 1-800-563-0808 or sending an email to VictimLinkBC@bc211.ca. Their compassionate team is ready to provide assistance and guidance. 

Remember, it is important to prioritize your safety and well-being. There are resources available to support you, and you are not alone. 



Update on Recent Media Reports and LDRS’s Commitment to Safety and Transparency 

We at The Last Door Recovery Society (LDRS) wish to reach out to our community in this moment of strife. We recognize the distress and harm caused by recent allegations of sexual assault involving a former independent contractor against members of the public. The former independent contractor was a certified fitness instructor and mostly worked offsite with an average four-hour work week. We extend our deep empathy to the victims and want to reassure you that we’ve been listening and diligently working since these accusations surfaced.  We strive to act within our legal and community obligations and staunchly support victims of gender-based violence, sexual assault, and domestic violence. When news of these allegations began to circulate, we took immediate steps to review and investigate the situation. We are obligated to our stakeholders, clients, and their families to provide an update and assurance of our commitment to safety and transparency.    

Recent media reports regarding misconduct allegations against a former independent contractor associated with LDRS have caused concern. We want to reiterate that LDRS has always upheld the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and ethical conduct. We are committed to maintaining the trust essential to fostering supportive environments.   

On January 19, 2023, we became aware of allegations against the former contractor, Adam Haber, through social media. These allegations were of a serious nature and concern to us. Within 24 hours of learning about them, we took decisive action, terminated his services without notice or proven cause, and barred his access to our facilities. We also reported the information from the social media posts, along with the related contact information, to the police resulting in report NW23-1607, launching the investigation.  

We want to emphasize that these charges are not related to any harm inflicted upon our clients or misconduct within our facilities or services. At no point did we receive direct communication from the complainants. We believe in the power of dialogue and constructive criticism to effect positive change. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct of any kind and have protocols in place to address and investigate any allegations brought to our attention.  

Since these events, LDRS has been engaged in repeated proactive dialogue through written statements to media outlets providing facts and correcting inaccuracies. We are working tirelessly to ensure the accuracy of public information about these serious matters.  

In light of recent publications, the Last Door Recovery Society finds it necessary to address and rectify inaccuracies and misleading information presented in articles published by CBC and subsequently picked up by various outlets.   

We are providing the following authoritative clarifications to ensure the fidelity of information surrounding our organization.  


Last Door Debunks CBC Claims: A Timeline of Transparency and Action 

In response to unfounded accusations suggesting that we silenced alleged victims, Last Door Recovery Society would like to outline the prompt actions taken upon becoming aware of the allegations: 

On January 19, 2023 

  • A Facebook ad originally published on December 17, 2022, by our organization, received a comment from a purported victim.  
  • As per our internal policies and procedures, the ad was immediately removed to ensure a confidential investigation.  
  • Last Door management promptly reached out to a stakeholder familiar with the commentator to offer immediate support.

On January 20, 2023 

  • The stakeholder confirmed the allegations of sexual assault alleged by the commentator. 
  • Adam Haber’s contract with Last Door was terminated. 
  • The stakeholder agreed to extend support from our organization, including providing resources and creating a secure space to lodge an official report in order to trigger a formal investigation. 

Between January 20 and 28, 2023 

  • Last Door’s management continued to engage in written communication with both individuals to ensure appropriate follow-up. 
  • Management endeavored to ascertain if the commentator wished to officially report the alleged assault through the New Westminster Police or through Last Door to initiate a formal investigation.  
  • It was communicated by the stakeholder that neither party wished to report the incident to law enforcement at that time, rendering Last Door unable to pursue the matter outside of the actions proactively taken on January 20. 
  • Following this, the commentator chose to discontinue communication. 
  • Despite this, Last Door immediately provided the necessary resources to the alleged victim and filed a police report, embodying our unwavering commitment to provide a safe, empowering environment for all associated with our society.  
  • We strongly encourage and support any victim to report alleged assaults to the authorities, reinforcing our principles of care, trust, and transparency. 

On January 27, 2023 

  • A private Facebook group titled “Stop Adam H” was created.  
  • A number of unsubstantiated claims were initially spread within this group and later reported without verification or evidence by the CBC.  
  • They suggested that Last Door was aware of Mr. Haber’s alleged improprieties, shielded him from the consequences, or propped him up within the ‘recovery community.’ 
  • We categorically refute these allegations. 

On January 28, 2023 

  • Upon reviewing the concerning information from the Facebook group, our management team acted swiftly. 
  • The individual implicated was unequivocally informed of his prohibited access to all Last Door facilities, along with a mandate to abstain from any communication with our clients, current or former. 
  • In a robust response to the behaviors disclosed in public comments, Last Door’s management team strongly recommended that the individual in question seek immediate professional help for his compulsive behaviors.  
  • This recommendation included seeking treatment and counselling, reflecting our long-standing commitment to recovery and healing. 

On January 30, 2023  

  • At the opening hours of the New Westminster Police Department, two representatives from our management team formally lodged a report.  
  • They provided the police with comprehensive details about the allegations, along with information on the aforementioned Facebook group.  
  • A case was created and duly filed (NW23-1607), with both representatives providing recorded statements. 

On February 8, 2023,  

  • In a separate public Facebook group aimed at the New Westminster Community, two LDRS employees flagged a comment for bullying and harassment.  
  • This comment contained blatant misinformation and unfounded accusations against Last Door, which contributed to a misleading narrative about our organization. 


Clear Evidence Challenges CBC’s Claim: Accused Was Not ‘Untouchable’ 

  • Mr. Haber was an independent registered fitness contractor, providing group fitness sessions to male clients mostly at a public fitness center on an average of four-hours per week. 
  • It is crucial to note that Mr. Haber was at no point a recovery worker during his tenure with us. His contract work began in December 2017 and ended on January 20, 2023. To our understanding, the charges laid by the New Westminster Police are from 2012 and 2013, preceding his engagement with our organization. 
  • At the time of his onboarding as an independent contractor, Mr. Haber did not carry any convictions that would impede his registration as a fitness trainer, nor was he ever banned from our facilities during his contract.  
  • The moment Last Door Recovery Society became aware of the allegations against Mr. Haber, immediate and decisive action was taken. His contract was terminated within a 24-hour period following the revelations. 
  • Until these recent developments, Last Door had no prior knowledge of gender-based violence, sexual assault, or domestic violence allegations associated with Mr. Haber. Furthermore, if any past or current staff members had knowledge of pre-existing allegations about Mr. Haber, these were never communicated to Last Door management. 
  • Post-termination, Adam Haber was effectively banned from all Last Door properties. 
  • Staff members were duly informed of the serious allegations made by the victims.  
  • We remain committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all those we serve and will continue to take necessary measures to uphold our responsibility.


Last Door Debunks Unsubstantiated Accusations of Silencing Sexual Assault Reports 

  • In a recent event involving a public Facebook group, two members of Last Door Recovery Society’s team took action to address a comment that propagated unequivocally false information about our organization. 
  • At Last Door, we are steadfast in our commitment to maintaining clear and transparent communication with the public. The comment in question failed to align with these standards and was, therefore, duly flagged. 
  • The trust that our clients place in us is deeply rooted in our ability to provide a safe, honest, and supportive environment. The inaccurate accusations contained in the flagged comment had the potential to negatively impact our clients in care, thereby threatening the position of trust we have worked tirelessly to establish and uphold. 
  • Accurate information is a cornerstone of creating an environment where individuals feel secure to seek help. We stand committed to providing this and will actively address any misinformation that jeopardizes this crucial aspect of our mission. We will continue to vigilantly protect our community from any inaccurate information that may affect their journey toward recovery. 


Agencies and New Westminster Police Affirm Last Door’s Compliance Amid Recent Allegations 

  • As a result of these allegations surfacing, Last Door has met with the appropriate agencies.  
  • As a result of these meetings and a timely review of our actions, it was concluded that no further action is required.  
  • The New Westminster Police also conducted extensive interviews with relevant stakeholders, including a meeting with Last Door’s leadership who filed the police report on January 30, 2023 (NW23-1607).  
  • We wish to emphasize that no Last Door clients were implicated in these allegations. 
  • Based on all the evidence, The New Westminster Police have since confirmed that Last Door was never the subject of an investigation.  
  • We received acknowledgment for our cooperation during the Adam Haber investigation, for which we extend our appreciation to the New Westminster Police. We would like to specifically commend the community police officer who provided invaluable guidance to Last Door during the initial phase of the investigation, helping us understand reporting options and subsequent steps. 
  • We remain committed to regularly reviewing our policies in collaboration with our licensing and enforcement bodies, Accreditation Canada, and the Last Door Board of Directors.  


Last Door Refutes Misconstrued Context of Leaked Text Messages 

  • Recent media reports involving leaked text messages to a CBC reporter between two individuals affiliated with Last Door Recovery Society have sparked some concerns. It’s important to stress that these individuals were acting independently, and the conversations were taken out of context. 
  • The usage of the term “bullshit” was not an attempt to silence accusers or belittle the seriousness of allegations of sexual assault. Rather, it was related to the disappointment one friend felt when the other chose to air grievances in a public forum, rather than through established channels of communication fostered over eight years of a trusted friendship. 
  • The long-standing friendship between these two individuals spans numerous shared experiences, including traveling, family gatherings, holiday dinners, and community service. 
  • The term “bullshit” was a reaction to the unexpected public solicitation of grievances, and not in response to the substance of the allegations themselves. 
  • It’s worth noting that the journalist omitted an essential component of the conversation – the phrase “a head’s up would have been nice”. This statement clearly reflects the tone of the message and the sense of betrayal felt, rather than any attempt to suppress the allegations. 
  • Last Door has consciously decided not to reveal the names of these individuals due to the sensitive nature of our work and the importance of protecting the identity and reputation of our former clients.  
  • Private communications should be treated with respect and come with an inherent expectation of privacy. This incident underscores the importance of thorough and balanced reporting to avoid misinterpretations that can harm individuals. 


Expression of Concern for Misleading Reporting: 

Last Door Recovery Society wishes to express its deep concern regarding recent reporting by the CBC. The representation of our organization in their reporting has been misleading, presenting inaccurate information which has unduly tarnished our reputation.  

In response to this, we have actively engaged with the CBC, urging them to rectify the inaccuracies in their reporting and to provide a fair and balanced representation of the situation. However, we note with disappointment that only a partial correction has been made to date. 

A primary point of concern revolves around the basis of the CBC article, which insinuated that Last Door was previously aware of the allegations. This misrepresentation is significant as it has the potential to fundamentally distort public perception of our role in the matter. 

The CBC journalist has since stated in a correction that: 

A previous version of this story had the headline, “B.C. recovery home staff knew of assault claims against employee 1 month before telling police, posts say.” The story stated that Last Door deleted a comment raising allegations about Haber made on Dec. 17, 2022, due to an incomplete screenshot. In fact, the comment was made on Jan. 19, 2023, according to additional screenshots provided by Last Door.  

The misleading screenshot was shared by a former client and employee. This individual has since admitted, within the same articles, to possessing knowledge of alleged behaviour during his tenure with our organization. We firmly believe in the obligation of all employees, past and present, to exercise their fiduciary duty to report any allegations and concerns to management and the police. In this particular case, it is unfortunate that allegations were not reported at the time, which would have prompted an immediate and thorough investigation. 

At Last Door Recovery Society, we stand firm in our commitment to the well-being of our clients and alumni, taking pride in being a source of support in times of need. Our actions, we believe, resound louder than words, and are reflective of our enduring dedication to those we serve.  

We are hopeful for the future, trusting that those who have benefited from our services in the past will continue to seek us out should the need arise. Our promise is to provide accurate information and appropriate processes that facilitate healing and growth.  

We understand that learning is a two-way process, and we are always open to gaining insights from the experiences of those who have sought our services. Our goal is not to foster division but to encourage unity and understanding. We believe in the power of community and shared experiences, and we strive to cultivate an environment that fosters these values.  

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our stakeholders, community members, and partners for their support during this challenging period. 


Continuing Commitment to Change and Growth  

As we find ourselves navigating through these challenging times, we’d like to reinforce that this is a process of learning, reflection, and growth for us. We believe it is through such trials that we become more resilient, more attuned, and more capable of serving our community.  

Last Door Recovery Society is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all those associated with our organization. We recognize the importance of this, especially in light of the recent events, and we are more motivated than ever to continue our work with utmost dedication and integrity.  


Empowering Survivors   

We believe that every victim has the right to be heard and to receive justice. If you, or someone you know, are survivors of sexual assault, we urge you to reach out to organizations dedicated to offering help in such circumstances.  

Various resources such as Crisis Services Canada, Ending Violence Association of Canada, Women’s Support Network, and Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime are just a few organizations that provide tremendous support and resources for survivors of sexual assault. It is important to remember that you are not alone, and help is available.  


Inviting Dialogue and Continuous Learning  

To our staff, alumni, and stakeholders, we extend an open invitation to reach out to us at 1 888 525 9771. If you have questions, if you need support in navigating these circumstances, if you’re seeking understanding – we are here for you. Our commitment to our community goes beyond providing treatment; it extends to being there for you through difficult times such as these. 

As part of our continuous learning and considering recent events, our team is proactively seeking additional training on sexual violence prevention, and survivor support to better equip ourselves in handling such serious matters. We want to ensure that Last Door continues to be a safe, supportive, and understanding environment for all.  


Moving Forward In Healing 

We at Last Door Recovery Society want to assure everyone that our primary focus has been, and always will be, the welfare of our clients, employees, and community. The recent allegations and their associated challenges have only reinforced our commitment to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all.  

We are deeply grateful for the support we’ve received during these challenging times, and we are confident that together, we will continue to grow, learn, and make a difference in the lives of many.  

Thank you once again for your trust and support. We will continue to work tirelessly to provide the highest standards of care and professionalism that you’ve come to expect from us. 

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