Employee Intervention

The following are some of the behavioural characteristics that may be triggered by drug addiction. These behavioural characteristics do not always indicate drug addiction, but several concurrent behaviours definitely warrant further investigation.

  • Absenteeism – absences without notification and an excessive use of sick days
  • Frequent disappearances from the work site, long unexplained absences, improbable excuses
  • Missed appointments and missed meeting deadlines
  • Payroll cheques cashed at yellow banks
  • Work performance that alternates between periods of high and low productivity
  • Mistakes made due to inattention, poor judgment, and bad decisions
  • Confusion, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating or recalling details and instructions
  • Ordinary tasks require greater effort and consume more time
  • Interpersonal relations with coworkers suffer
  • Rarely admits errors or accepts blame for errors or oversights
  • Progressive deterioration in personal appearance and hygiene
  • Wearing long sleeves when inappropriate
  • Personality change – mood swings, anxiety, depression, lack of impulse control, suicidal thoughts or gestures
  • Increasing personal and professional isolation
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Discussing Workplace Wellness
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