Family of an Addict

Is someone you love abusing drugs and thinking about drug rehab?

Video Transcription

Brendan Brown: It would be easier just to, just to leave all that and hang out with my drug of choice.

Mother: And I says “God every day I wake up and I realize you’re still clean, it’s a miracle in itself every day that you’re clean.”

Brendan Brown: My name is Brendan Brown and I’m 28 years old. I showed up at the Last Door in addiction on June 13th 2007 and I haven’t had to use anything since that date. The biggest thing I realized when I got here is that my whole life I hadn’t put 100% into anything, so I didn’t know what the result looked like from that. So that was the main promise I made to myself when I got here was that for once in my life I don’t wanna look back and be like I coulda done more, I shoulda done more, I didn’t wanna look back and not put everything into it.

Mother: I wish I woulda gotten it a lot sooner. I wish I woulda listened to what people said and get to meetings to help myself. That’s the hugest thing is when people… and you’re so wrapped up in what’s happening that you don’t get help yourself.

Brendan: I was always close with my mom when I was little. I remember laying in her lap and her rubbing my head to go to sleep. Like that was always a comfort zone for me was my mom. She had a name for me, she called me Ducky. I had a normal life, my parents were awesome and did everything for me but, when I started using definitely that was the end of the relationship with my mom.

Father: I did see it. I did see it all. But I didn’t want to believe it. And I thought –

Mother: That’s what Brandon said to me one day, “My dad is addicted to me.”

Brendan: I don’t know. He did everything he could have done, you know? Recovery was the missing link right? And then as I got clean I had to learn how to have a regular relationship with them not a sick one. Not one where we’re close because of all the trauma and all the drama and all that. We had to be reintroduced to each other really in a way.

Chelsea: My name is Chelsea Brown. I am Brendan’s older sister and I am a communication designer.

Brendan: My relationship with my sister was non-existent. Once again being so self-centered I had no involvement in her life and didn’t know what was going on in her life and honestly in my life I didn’t care, and I missed out, like I ripped myself off too. My sister is an amazing person.

Chelsea Brown: My way of disconnecting was, it came a little more naturally because I was able to create more of a distance because I wasn’t living at home and he wasn’t calling me up. He’d be calling my parents and you know, going that route. I don’t think deep down I ever gave up even though for my own well-being I felt like I needed to… to kind of let it go.

Brendan: I just experienced life in a whole new way now. I got to so many concerts. I remember them, and I like, I’m there and I’m present and I enjoy it and I hang out with my sister and we’re friends now. It’s not like I’m this loser little brother and I hang out with my folks and I’m not there like this asking for money and I contribute something to the relationship. I painted their house last summer. And it sounds weird but it was wicked though, like it felt so good to be able to show up and be. I’m 28 years old and I just started acting like it. I just grew up.