Are you the Child of an Addict?

Are you the Child of an Addict?

It has been said that addiction is a family disease, hence, here at Last Door we believe that recovery is best accomplished from a family perspective. Being the child of an addict often means living in addiction without using drugs yourself.

As the addicts life and functioning inevitably deteriorates so does the quality of life for those who love him. Quality of life issues affected including physical health, financial standing, emotional abuse or neglect, and social pressure. The addict may seem oblivious to or uncaring about the consequences to others which further damages relationships.

At Last Door we teach the addict to regain their sense of dignity and purpose. We welcome family participation in a process of recovery and offer education and support to family members. As the addict regains their mental, spiritual physical and emotional health, family can benefit and heal along side them.

If you have a parent who is suffering from addiction and causing distress in your life Last Door may be able to help.

Video Transcription

Brittany: It came down to me doing CPR on him in the bathroom while I waited an hour and a half for an ambulance to get there, ended up staying in the hospital with him for a week while they talked about funeral arrangements to his will to how I was going to be a child left behind by this horrible disease and how was I going to cope with that and you know I’m so blessed to have found out about the Last Door because it not only saved his life, it saved mine. Without this program and this recovery house I have no idea where I would be today. The Family Program that the Last Door offers is very supportive and open and welcoming. I still remember the first day I dropped him off and we were in a big conference room and everyone was eating lunch and having a blast and they took my dad away and I stayed and had lunch with everyone and had a tour of the place and I was just really inspired by the way they were treating someone that they had just met and they knew nothing about me. They were so kind and open and welcoming. Um, to just a young lady who wanted to get help for her dad and you know I was allowed to visit him not whenever I wanted because there are some restrictions, but I saw my dad pretty much every single day that he was in treatment. The Last Door really changed the relationship I have with my dad. I never trusted him before and the relationship I have with my dad today is healthy and it’s strong and I trust him and I know he’s working his program to the best of his ability. I know he’s trying. He’s doing an amazing job and I am so proud of him. Make the call for yourself, not necessary just for the addict. Make the call, and you know, get hooked in with the program, get hooked in with the community, going to a room where, you know with other family members, you know, where everyone’s all feeling the same things. Make the call. Get hooked in. Really utilize those tools because they give you the tools here. And if you use them, you’ll get healthy and you’ll get your life back.