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Need help with Addiction and Alcohol Treatment in Toronto Ontario?

Toronto Addiction Treatment Services for drug and alcohol use.

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Last Door is an accredited licensed addiction treatment program, Last Door Toronto Addiction Treatment Centre is the leading long-term in-patient drug addiction treatment program for youth and adult men who are experiencing substance affected issues. Last Door Toronto Addiction Treatment Program provides a continuum of care that begins with immediate harm reduction and includes a mental health assessment, individual counselling,  group therapy, peer support, balanced diet and nutrition, recreation, positive socialization, family counselling, partner programs, continuing care post treatment and access to educational and transitional work opportunities.

Toronto Residents travel to Vancouver, we provide airport pick up and drop off.  Families can visit their loved ones in our complimentary family suites, meals included.  Family Group is offered, for family healing from addiction.

Experience-based learning challenges values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. The ultimate result is increased self-esteem, better decision making, and evidence-based recovery lifestyles.

Drug use can become a family problem; loved ones often struggle right along with the drug user during active addiction causing in some cases long periods of estrangement. Drug use does not take place in a vacuum.   Optimum recovery requires mending of both the individual and family relationships. Drug use effects key life areas including employment education, health, and finances.

Toronto Addiction treatment at Last Door is designed to help regain trust, ensure responsibility, grow forgiveness and achieving structured accountability. Through group and individual sessions, clients learn what recovery looks like; they gain an understanding of the language and concepts that are fundamental to supporting persons in recovery.

Everyone involved can achieve freedom from addiction and learn a new way of life.

Drug and Alcohol rehab, alcohol detox and drug detox are offered at Last Door Toronto addiction Treatment Centre, Clients attend Last Door in New Westminster and Return to Toronto for Continuing care at one of our affiliate offices. 

Clients participate in daily group work,, yoga, co-parenting, acupuncture, individualized counselling, specialized groups for process addictions.  Through experiential learning clients acquire new coping skills to replace those that were once relied on to support their drug use.

The New Westminster’s recovery community is considered the largest and most vibrant in Canada!  Daily evidence based treatment supports clients in their recovery from drug addiction in a community celebrating recovery.

Last Door has partnered with Addiction Services in Toronto to better provide Ontario residents with access to Addiction Rehab and Continuing Care Services for mental health issues and recovery from Addiction.


Our affiliate Toronto Addiction Service Providers offer premium assessment and intervention services to Ontario clients while preparing them for residential treatment in our British Columbia Main Facility for drug addiction, gambling addiction treatment, alcohol rehab, internet, video gaming and media addiction, sex/relationships and food addiction treatment.

Last Door’s Clients come from across Canada, many Toronto residents attend primary care in BC, and return to Toronto for outpatient continuing care.  New Westminster is considered by many as the recovery capital of Canada, call us to learn more at 1-888-525-9771

Services Available:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Pre-Residential Treatment Counselling
  • Treatment Planning
  • Continuing Care Group Therapy (post-residential treatment)
  • Continuing Individual Therapy
  • Toronto Interventions

To book an appointment with one of our Toronto Affiliates please call: 1-888-525-9771, or directly through the below links:

New Life Counselling

Jay Pasternack
4211 Yonge Street Suite # 302
Toronto, Ontario
M2P 2A9

Samuel Waldner Counselling and Addiction Services

Samuel Waldner
Yorkdale Place
1 Yorkdale Rd. Ste 410
Toronto, Ontario
M6A 3A1

Recovery Counselling Services

Rosemary Munro
416-640-1061 x 223
4211 Yonge Street 302
Toronto, On
M2P 2A9

Recovery Counselling Services

Dave Saxby
416-640-1061 x 230
4211 Yonge Street 302
Toronto, On
M2P 2A9

Recovery Counselling Services

Hamish White
416-640-1061 x 302
4211 Yonge Street 302
Toronto, ON
M2P 2A9