Talk Recovery Radio Denise Walker talks about her book “Pick Your Poison” and Jordan G tells his story of recovery

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Denise Walker is the author of book “Pick your Poison” and she is 18 months sober in recovery. While in addiction and early recovery Denise used poetry to cope with the insanity and emotions addiction and recovery brought her. Denise says the book kind of “Fell into her lap” Denise knew how much poetry helped her and made an impact in her life she thought it might help other people in recovery.
Denise found herself drinking everyday and realized her life was completely unmanageable and realized she needed to get help before it got even worse. She seeked help through the website Pinterest and there was a website link called “Hip Sobriety” and she clicked on the link that asked ‘Are you afraid to quit drinking” Denise knew she had an addiction to alcohol and had to stop and was afraid too. Denise went on to participate in “Hip Sobriety School in spring 2017. Hip Sobriety school is an 8-week program, every week there is a lecture online and you are connected with other students through Facebook and support each other going through the same battle, which is addiction and finding recovery. Denise mentions that it was a little easier to open up in very early recovery because she had the anonymity of being behind a screen but learned to not be scared to share her story and to be proud of having a story of recovery.
Denise said the main thing she learned in her pursuit of sobriety was to not run away from your feelings because they will always come back if you don’t deal with them, if you stay in recovery and don’t give into your addiction everything will be okay. Denise also said how her writing has improved since she has gotten sober and does not need drugs to be a creative poet, she says that she thinks people who seek drugs for creativity just use that as an excuse.
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Denise is followed by Jordan G a man living in long term recovery telling his story how he escaped drug addiction and found a new way of live through residential treatment and 12 step meetings.