Suboxone Opiate Detox


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Suboxone Opiate Detox

Heroin, Morphine, Oxycodone and Fentanyl Suboxone Detox Program

For the past ten years harm reduction practices have refocused the aims in addiction treatment.  As a result, drug replacement therapies have gained acceptance in the addiction treatment field. Unfortunately, abstinence based treatment as part of the spectrum of harm reduction has been largely ignored. Most proponents will acknowledge abstinence as the optimum aspiration for recovery.

While reviewing its screening calls two years ago, Last Door Recovery Center noticed a marked increase in young men abusing Oxycodone and Fentanyl ® (either by prescription or illicit trade). Parents were calling with concerns that their children’s physicians were offering only one option, exchanging their abused medications with different medications.  Last Door’s client screener also indicated a high volume of overdoses due to Fentanyl ®, thirty persons overdosed in one week alone on Fentanyl ® in Vancouver during October 2014.  Dr. Peter Selby, Chief of Addictions Program and Clinician Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, says “Fentanyl is a synthetic drug that is approximately 150 times stronger than morphine and about 100 times more powerful than heroin, and when people take it, inject it, it is so potent that it will actually put them into a coma”

These two misused prescription medications have become the flavor du jour as the gateway to other drugs. In response to client needs and dozens of calls from parents seeking help; Last Door has introduced a Suboxone Taper Protocol. Rather than replacing one drug with another, the Suboxone taper protocol allows opiate dependent individuals to become 100% abstinent from their drugs in a relatively short period of time. This detox method is quick, efficient and more comfortable for the participants  compared to the long term (two + years) methadone withdrawal. Participants reduce the risk of substitutionary dependence and can experience the freedom that comes from not relying on a drug.  They can enjoy life from a drug free perspective.  ** Your detox protocol will be determined by a certified addiction physician and may or may not include Suboxone.

While a Suboxone taper might not be for be everyone (some may still want to continue drug replacement therapies) this short acting opiate withdrawal method is gaining acceptance and popularity especially for professionals and employees whose safety sensitive career status demands abstinence.  Some parents of young adults are expressing concerns that their sons are being enrolled in multiple year prescription regimens for addiction and a range of mood disorder medications for anxiety and depression.

Opiate Withdrawal Management Program details for Heroin Detox, Morphine Detox, Methadone Detox, Fentanyl Detox, Oxycodone Detox, Opiate Detox are:

  • Telephone screening assesses commitment to abstinence from opiates
  • Intake assessment by a certified addictions doctor
  • Monitored by registered nurse
  • Immediate access to Last Door’s Social Model Program
  • Client must be on no more than 30 ml of methadone to qualify
  • Client must have opiate use history to qualify
  • Client must want to participate in Last Door’s Long Term In Patient Treatment that is open ended, between 3 to 6 months in length for primary care for optimum success. 

When applied together Last Door’s Social Model Program and the Suboxone Detox Protocol provide an atmosphere where clients can detox in a healthy, vibrant safe environment, and fully recover in a 3 to 5 month period. This approach deploys a short acting drug replacement therapy that can lead to long term abstinence when coupled with residential treatment. The restoration of focus on abstinence based treatment is often a preferred path to recovery. The Suboxone taper protocol offers a choice to try to gain complete drug freedom and forego the need for expensive long term medication usage and the inherent risk of side effects.

This option when coupled with treatment facilitates a speedy return to work for safety sensitive employees and a reintegration into family for young persons who desire an alternative to extended dependence to a methadone prescription.

It’s been one year since Last Door started the Suboxone Opiate Detox Protocol Trials and the results have been ground breaking.  Opiate addicts are getting 100% clean.

Between January 2014 to January 2015

  • 100% clients successfully detoxed on average in 10 days
  • 90 % clients stayed in treatment after detox, on no replacement therapies

Last Door Recovery Centre is the leading long term inpatient treatment program for men who are experiencing addiction related issues. Last Door provides a continuum of care that includes a mental health assessment, individual and group therapy, peer support, balanced diet and nutrition, recreation, positive socialization, family counselling, continuing care post treatment and access to educational opportunities.  Experience based learning challenges values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. The ultimate result is increased self-esteem and better decision making.

Nestled in New Westminster’s recovery community, considered the largest and most vibrant in Canada, Clients detox in an ideal environment for recovery.

If you have a loved one who wishes to challenge his options and choose 100 % recovery and not become dependent on opiate replacement therapy, please call our intake line for a telephone screening to see if Last Door’s Suboxone Opiate Detox Protocol is suitable for the client.

Rudolf H. Moos and Bernice S. Moos of Stanford University and Department of Veterans Affairs did a 16 year study.  Researching professional treatment and 12 Step Treatment Programs. The researchers split addicts into three groups:

  1. Addicts who chose 12 steps with no treatment
  2. Addicts who chose treatment with no 12 step programs
  3. Addicts who chose treatment and 12 Steps

The results were addicts in group 3 who chose treatment with 12 steps were more successful then Group 1 and 2, the 16 year study can be found here 

Call our intake line to see if Last Door’s Suboxone Opiate Detox and Residential Treatment Program will work for you