Being Sober and Writing Letters to help you Recover from Addiction


Noelle has been in recovery for over 6 years now, she did not immediately decide to go into AA, and she decided to take a bit more of a holistic approach to her recovery. Noelle has been a part of Alan-on growing up with her sister being in AA. Noelle wrote “The Sober Leap” because she wanted to put a book out for woman that is relatable and practical. She wanted something that would talk about things that are inherent to woman, the book is not a typical self help/self care book its more around how to show up differently in sobriety.

This book is a bit of a different approach than a 12-step book but people to participate in the 12 steps find this book very useful, she calls it a supplemental guide for people who want to go a little bit deeper into their feelings. People look at this book as an additional guide to whatever means of staying sober. The book consists of 11 principles and the book goes into different areas that the author thinks woman struggle with.

Noelle talks about one of her chapters in the book called “surrender” she explains how it is about finding times in your recovery when you need to surrender to certain situations in life and letting go of control and trusting that a different way of life will be better.

When Noelle talks about the 11 principles she talks about in the book she wants them to help with people in recovery to learn new habits. She came up with the principles through many conversations with other woman and when she was passed her first 6 months of recovery she realized there was a common theme that she continued to hear with woman, a lot of it was around setting boundaries and some of the things people in recovery take for granted.

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Our 2nd guest is Ashley, She is in recovery and is creating “A-LETTER-HOME” for all those who wish to utilize, gain and regain everything it entails!

She had originally intended for the campaign to be for women in addiction recovery homes, addiction treatment centres, homeless shelters etc.. but it occurred to her that not everyone who lives in a shelter or goes to a centre is female and therefore should be available for everyone!

The main objective of her program is when anyone who chooses to participate to be given a letter writing kit in hopes they contact support.  She hopes for many to regaining back their loved ones and their support systems. This will result in an overall greater outcome.  She truly believes in the magic a single letter can carry. In her opinion, regaining back those two critically, crucial relationships will undoubtedly help gain their sense of self-worth and build their reason of purpose.

As a letter writer herself, she knows and understands the feeling all too well. Since her first letter, she gained her life back and regained family/support.

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