Rosemarry O’Connor a Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery

Rosemary O’Connor certified life coach and author of a Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery. The main purpose of this book was to get rid of the shame and loneliness for mothers as moms can be one of the most ridiculed with judgment and shame by the public. And I thought how can I help. There are very few people are out there honestly talking about addiction and parenting. I don’t have any more shame around what I did because I understand the disease and recovery are completely transformed my life in every single area. And that’s why I wanted to help other moms.
I design a lot of online programs because I knew there were so many moms sitting at home drinking and using and weren’t going to go out of the house. But I knew that they were online. There’s also a wonderful organization called “she recovers”, and though out Canada you probably know “our daughter and her” they’re awesome. Everything that we’re all recovering from because when I put down the drink I think I’ve picked up every other thing s that was just out to kill me. I talk about all those issues as well.
I got sober when my kids were 2, 5 and 8. My last year of drinking I was blacking out and I was ending up in strange places.] My last drink I went out and I hired an 11-year-old babysitter. I didn’t come home all night, when I walked through the door my three kids were sitting there in their jammies, I know I wasn’t that type of mom. I knew something’s got to change.
It’s a totally different experience to get clean and sober as a mom because there’s the whole self-first aspect of recovery. For example, putting your recovery before your children, finding balance and not feeling guilty because you must go to a meeting. Going to meetings instead of drinking, it seems like no matter what you do you’re going to feel bad you’re going to feel guilty no matter what you do. It’s a bit of a reprieve as a mom to go to a meeting, to tell the truth.
The book is, 12 steps for sober moms, with 26 very short chapters, at the end of each chapter, are tips to address the topics. Examples of topics are guilt, shame, overwhelm, anger, joy, happiness, having fun and recovery.
I say you know I would say being in recovery has made me be a much better parent.

Followed by a persoanl story with Regd, how did he get decades clean, and his experience working in addiction field as a manager.