Addiction Resources

Last Door provides resources to improve the quality of recovery services for our clients and the community.

Alumni Group – Adults 25 and over

How you finish treatment is important, being part of a support group will…

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Alumni Group – Youth 14 – 25

Weekly Alumni Groups allows clients to support each other long term, access to…

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Co-Parenting Group

being a father is part of the recovery journey, we can help families…

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Partners Group

Partners are supported during their loved ones treatment process with weekly groups and…

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Parents Group

Parents can heal from the harms of addiction.

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10 – Day Intro To Addiction Recovery

Considering treatment for your substance use?  Not ready to commit to a longer…

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Case Management with Family

Families stay informed during their loved ones addiction treatment program

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Self Test for Codependency

Are you wondering if you may have a issues with codependency? Answer the…

Self Tests

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