Addiction Resources

Last Door provides resources to improve the quality of recovery services for our clients and the community.

Rehab for alcoholism

You and your family can heal from the harms of excessive alcohol use

Addiction Resources

Gaming Addiction Treatment

We can help your loved one to break the habit of accessive video…

Addiction Resources

Adolescent Addiction Treatment

Teenagers can recover from addiction, we can help.

Specialized Services

Music Therapy and Addiction Treatment

Music Therapy provides multiple healing benefits for people in the addiction treatment process.…

Specialized Services

New West Recovery

Connection is the solution to addiction, get connected today in New Westminster's Recovery…

Specialized Services

Youth Addiction Treatment – Lifestyles Group

Helping emerging adults gain new life skills to overcome their addictive behaviours

Specialized Services

Family Suites

Families can feel the comfort of home, when visiting their loved one in…

Specialized Services

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