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We have helped many individuals overcome their media addiction.

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Media Use and Unhealthy Gambling Education & Prevention

Philosophy: Awareness and education are helpful tools to elicit change in unhealthy media use and problem gambling behaviours.

Weekly group sessions are provided for youth and adult clients. The Media and Gambling group is a focused therapy design to educate clients on the aspects of problem gambling and media addictions, explore day to day challenges and learning skills to be free of self-defeating process-related behaviors. The framework is based on recent empirical evidence and best practices that assists in promoting peer support. Clients relearn how to cope in healthier ways with challenges and barriers.

“Social media addiction” is often characterized by frequent periods of remission and relapse, it is important to monitor urges and behavior closely while receiving treatment.

Individuals who have completed this group return to provide messages of success and change in all areas of their lives and seek support for challenges. Understanding that technology and social media use is part of our generational culture, the group facilitators promote self-awareness as a method for change and boundary settings.

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“at Last Door we get together to help each other with the daily struggles to stay clean while being part of an awesome program, once your settled in, its pretty fun here.”

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