Transitional Living Groups

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For some, longer term treatment is needed to learn how to incorporate recovery life skills in their day to day activities.

Specialized Services

Addiction Treatment continues after primary care.

This group is a value added service for Last Door clients who have completed Primary Care and those who reside in Last Door’s Transitional Living Accommodations. The goal of the groups is to prevent disconnection and encourage post treatment transition planning.

Transitions Group meets once a week to support clients in reviewing and planning their recovery progress. Group is held late in the day to accommodate those transitional participants who are working, going to school or volunteering in the community.

This group reviews their level of connection to the social environment while discussing issues specific to the transitional living: Time management, engagement with written work related to sustaining recovery, accountability, community investment, affection for newer peers, family reconciliation, and financial discipline are topics typically covered in Transition Groups.

The transitional group weekly meeting includes one-on-one check-ins with participants who are dealing with current challenges and changes and is supplemented with a group online chat that connects them with each other during the week and facilitates sharing of successes and developments in recovery.

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"Coming to treatment at Last Door inspired my little brother to follow my footsteps, we both celebrated recovery milestones and took our cakes together"

Ivan K

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