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Parents can heal from the harms of addiction.

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Addiction Family Support Group

Last Door’s facilitated family group takes place on Wednesday evenings. The group provides a therapeutic atmosphere where family members affected by addiction can access support, gain knowledge and develop freedom from the isolation of addiction. The group is designed for individuals seeking support, not the substance affected person. The emphasis is on families connecting with other families with similar life experiences. It is a safe, nonjudgmental place for families to discuss enabling, co-dependency, boundaries, self-care and how to support someone entering the recovery process.

Participants vary however the majority of attendees are parents and others must have the emotional capacity to understand family systems and mature topics. Some members continue to attend the group since is creation over a decade ago – to help foster hope and connection between families. Others attend sporadically as their schedules although them to. It is a free-flowing group where all members participate at their own comfort level.

It has been said that addiction is a family disease, hence, Last Door believes that recovery is best accomplished from a family systems perspective.

Ask most parents what they want for their children and they answer along the lines of “happiness” “health” “success”. Ask the parents’ of an addict the same question and they will say “I hope and pray that he doesn’t die” and sometimes…. “We don’t hope anymore, it’s too painful”.

After years, sometimes too many years to count, of living with the indignity of addiction, facing pain, loss, fear and anger on a daily basis, it can be very difficult for parents to hope again; to dream of health, success and happiness for their sons.

Last Door staff recognizes the dynamic role parents fulfill in families and in their recovery. Parents are often our first contact with the family; we are constantly astonished by the depth of love and pain experienced in one person. Last Door Parent’s Group was developed to help parents live a life free from active addiction. The collective experience and energy of alumni, clients, their families and staff creates a vibrant diverse recovery community.

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We invite family members to participate in the weekly Parents Group – to share their experience and energy with each other and to become part of this unique recovery community.

What does codependency feel and look like?

Here are a few resources to explore – these are provide as tools for reflection not judgement or diagnosis.

Codependence – This information sheet is a good starting point for learning about codependency.

Codependency Checklist This is a checklist, not a test; it is a way to evaluate codependent behaviors and thoughts in one’s relationship. This is an option to learn about healthy versus codependent thought patterns and behaviors.

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The best part of treatment at Last Door is being part of Alumni Group when you are done.  I get to continue to learn how to live. Because most of the time I don’t know how and I need alumni to show me how to make healthy choices.

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