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Don’t let Fentanyl destroy your life, the overdose crisis can be overcome with Last Door’s recovery oriented systems of care, we can help.

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Addiction Treatment and Detox

Last Door provides inpatient medically-supervised detox (withdrawal management protocol) under the care of Certified Addiction Specialist (American Society of Addiction Medicine). Last Door’s program environment enhances the medically monitored detox period by offering nutritional supports for the lingering physical, mental and emotional challenges most often experience during the withdrawal and stabilization process.

People completing the inpatient detox also benefit from the social supports and encouragement offered by other patients’ who have stabilized. Noticeable changes appear within the first week of treatment for patients fostering optimism and openness to continue in their recovery.

Once stabilized, patients are supported to explore next steps such as residential treatment or outpatient counselling. Last Door strongly discourages withdrawal management alone and encourages seamless transition to long-term addiction treatment to assist in preventing relapse and associated harms. Last Door can provide, with an approved treatment plan, a transition to long-term addiction treatment to prevent relapse and associated harms.

In response to hundreds of calls from people seeking help in abstinence-supported programs; Last Door has piloted a suboxone taper and stabilization protocol in 2014. The Suboxone taper protocol allows opiate dependent individuals to stabilize in a relatively shorter period. This withdrawal management protocol is quick, efficient and comfortable for the participants. This protocol was implemented to engage people attempting to ‘self-detox’ on their own or simply do not want to utilize Opioid Agonist Treatment due to employment or family commitments.

* Your withdrawal management protocol will be determined by a certified addiction physician.

Since 2014, the average length of protocol is about 10 days and 90 % of clients transitioned directly in residential treatment. Many clients completed OAT within six months.

Opiate Withdrawal Management :

  • Telephone screening, orientation, education of treatment options
  • Intake assessment by an Addictions Physician
  • Inpatient monitored by Registered Nurse
  • Transition into Last Door’s Social Model treatment program or another program of choice
  • Referrals to outpatient OAT services

When utilized with inpatient treatment (i.e.: Last Door’s social model program) and the Suboxone detox protocol provides an atmosphere where clients can detox in a healthy, vibrant safe environment, and fully stabilization in a 3 to 5-month period. This approach utilizes a shorter-term drug replacement treatment that can lead to long term abstinence when coupled with residential treatment.

The goal of abstinence is often an identified goal during residential programming. The Suboxone taper protocol offers an opportunity to experience this goal while receiving counselling and addiction and recovery education.

This option when combined with treatment facilitates a successful return to work for safety sensitive employees and a reintegration into family for young persons who desire an alternative to opiate agonist maintenance programs.

Last Door Recovery Centre is the leading long term inpatient treatment program for men who are experiencing addiction related issues. Last Door provides a continuum of care that includes a mental health assessment, individual and group therapy, peer support, balanced diet and nutrition, recreation, positive socialization, family counselling, continuing care post treatment and access to educational opportunities. Experience-based learning challenges values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. The ultimate result is increased self-esteem and better decision making.

Nestled in New Westminster’s recovery community, considered the largest and most vibrant in Canada, Clients detox in an ideal environment for recovery.

Call our intake line to see if Last Door’s Suboxone Opiate Detox and Residential Treatment Program will work for you.


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"Coming to treatment at Last Door inspired my little brother to follow my footsteps, we both celebrated recovery milestones and took our cakes together"

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