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addiction treatment services for lifestyle change

Addiction is not just about drug use, lifestyle plays a major role in why we use drugs and alcohol.  Life Style Group addresses those issues.

Specialized Services

Lifestyles Education Sessions

“Lifestyles group” are for current clients who have completed the stabilization and withdrawal management period and meets twice weekly in a 13-week cycle. Group participants learn about various lifestyle improvements and explore related health and lifestyle topics that have often diminished throughout years of active substance use.

Information is related and discussed in various formats; small breakout groups led by group facilitators; lectures and discussion led by visiting professionals with specialized knowledge and by educational videos films followed by quizzes and discussion.

The purpose of the group is to promote healthy lifestyle changes and stimulate clients toward improved self-care. Participants are encouraged to consider alternate ways of thinking & practice in areas such as, health and fitness, healthy eating, conflict resolution, meditation and relaxation techniques, as well as proper dental care and healthy relationship communication skills.

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