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addiction treatment and drug and alcohol rehab

Asking for help is a phone call away, we can help you make a decision on what the right treatment plan is for you.  People from across North America have accessed addiction treatment services at Last Door.

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Youth and Adult Addiction Treatment Program

We can help you overcome your addiction. Last Door is part of Canada’s most vibrant, diverse recovery communities.

Last Door’s program provides one to one and group counselling supported by written exercise to encourage self-reflection and honesty. Clients are supported to identify and change coping skills that undermine feelings of wholeness, connection, happiness and self-worth. This process encourages the changes necessary to integrate the principles of recovery into your daily life.

While in treatment, in abstinence-supported facilities, you can safely navigate and repair damaged family relationships, reassess medication needs, access help for mental health issues, improve coping skills and break deeply ingrained habits.

Last Door’s 35-year history of providing evidence-based treatment services from a professional staff will give you the best opportunity to start your recovery journey. Our staff team  includes an Addiction Physician who will assess you upon intake to ensure your health needs are cared for.

You will be provided a case manager who, based on your goals, will work with your family and employer. Your case a manger, counsellors, and support workers will support you in building a recovery-oriented support network to continue your recovery path outside of treatment.

Here’s Brendan’s story, he is a healthy, loving father with over a decade of long term recovery.  His family can rest peacefully, the impossible idea of stop using is shattered at Last Door, we inspire people to live to their full life.

Brendan’s Addiction Recovery Story

Last Door’s Social Model Program helps you learn how to enjoy life in recovery. At Last Door, you participate in real life activities so that when you complete treatment and return to your home community, you are prepared daily living with a foundation of lived recovery experiences.  A new way of living doesn’t just happen in an institution, we believe that connection to a support network in the community and evidence-based treatment best supports ongoing change and successful recovery.

When you start your recovery journey at Last Door, you enter a community that believes in recovery, and that you can overcome your addiction to alcohol, drugs, video games, gambling, nicotine and prescription medications.

Last Door’s accredited licensed facility is often called upon by the media to raise awareness of addiction recovery.

Our intake line is open 7 am to 11 pm, or you can chat online with us.  We can help.

Addiction Treatment Program.

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“It was important to do long term treatment because I got to establish social skills and other skills that related to, getting clean and being back in a community and getting job skills and using those things to intergrade back into a community.”

Austin H

addiction treatment and drug and alcohol rehab

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