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Families can feel the comfort of home, when visiting their loved one in treatment.

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Last Door offers many Family Addiction Treatment Services. The Family Suites are an exciting and unique opportunity for families to get involved in the entire process of recovery. These are two bedroom apartments located at Last Door’s main New Westminster site.

The Family Suites were the brainchild of Last Door founder David Pavlus and reflect his belief that healing from addiction should be a family process and that connection is the opposite of addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a person’s risk of relapse is significantly reduced when the family is supportive and involved in the recovery process.

This study goes on to say that “as a sober family member, being involved in your loved one’s addiction recovery is vital to their success.

Family support can help an individual to maintain their recovery by providing:

  • Strong support systems
  • Encouraging open communication
  • Holding individuals accountable
  • Offering guidance when needed

It‘s important for family members to take care of their own needs and to receive support for themselves in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed or burnt out.

What are the Family Suites?

The Family suites are multi-purpose. Family members from out of town can book into the suites and spend up to a week or more visiting their family member in treatment and participating in programming. Family members have included wives, husbands, children, parents, grandparents and siblings depending on the makeup of the family. While on site, families attend groups, community meetings and social and recreational activities. There is also the opportunity to attend sessions with Case Managers and Family counselors.

Another purpose for the family suites is for clients who are themselves parent. In this case the family suites provide a private space for parent/child visitation. This option’s open to both out of town and local families.

Family suites have housed client’s partners and children who rely on the Father as the main source of income and would be homeless without his support. Families in these circumstance have lived on site for up to 18 months. These are special circumstances and we’re happy to work with clients and their families to arrange the best solution to housing and recovery.

The energy that families, especially the children, bring to the daily life at Last Door is healing in itself. The benefits extend beyond the family unit and affect other members of the Last Door household bringing to mind the adage that “it takes a community….”

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