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Addiction Support for Family and Friends

Addiction is a family issue, and so is recovery, we can help with Addiction Support for Family and Friends.

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Addiction Supports for Family & Friends

Attending group sessions and working groups is an integral part of recovery from addiction. So is understanding addictive behaviours and developing healthy coping mechanisms to prevent relapse.  A great deal of work goes into treating addiction in an individual. Likewise, we encourage families to work in tandem with their loved one by accessing addiction supports for family and friends.

Family and friend’s recovery is essential for the health and well-being of the person suffering from addiction. Just as there are fellowships for addicts there are also worldwide fellowships for persons affected by someone else’s addiction.  Friends and family are encouraged to attend these support programs. These include:

  1. Al-Anon Family Groups: AlAnon Family Groups is a worldwide fellowship for those affected by someone elses addiction. AlAnon provides support, education, and resources to family members, friends, and other loved ones of individuals struggling with substance use disorders.
  2. Nar-Anon Family Groups: NarAnon Family Groups is a 12step program for family and friends of those who struggle with addiction. The program provides support, education, and resources to help individuals cope with the effects of someone elses addiction.

Journey to Recovery

Building your personal journey of recovery from behaviours can provide both relief from chaos and refocusing of the energy that was spent on managing the addict in their life.

Working on your personal journey of recovery can provide immense relief to family members of addicts. Often taking a step back from the chaos that often surrounds addiction and focusing their energy on something more positive and constructive can be immensely helpful for families. This can also involve selfcare, such as getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. All these activities can help to bring balance and peace back into the family dynamic, and can give family members strength and clarity.

Last Door Family Support

Wednesday evenings families and friends group meets in the group room annex at Last Door. The group is lead by friends and families who’ve struggled with the addiction of loved ones.  Each one working in groups or individually to integrate an understanding of addiction recovery into their own lives. This is the Peer Support Model the Last Door is built on.

We’ve seen positive results come from learning healthy coping skills and integrating them into your daily life. Addiction is a family disease and that recovery is best achieved when the entire family is involved in the process. We believe in providing familycentered treatment that includes individual, family, and group sessions. We understand the importance of educating family members on the disease of addiction and how to best support their loved one‘s recovery. Last Door creates an environment that encourages open communication, honesty, and trust within families. We also provide support for family members to help them cope with their own emotions and challenges associated with their loved one‘s addiction.

It Doesn’t matter how you got here, only where you are going as you journey toward your own recovery.  People with family members who struggle with addiction need to be supported so they can support their family. Setting boundaries that are respectful and firm, is important for building healthy relationships with the addicts in your life. Recovery is possible for you and your loved ones, and you can achieve it if you take the necessary steps and remain dedicated to your own healing journey.

Participation can help rebuild trust. Contact Last Door to learn more

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