Raising Money for Women’s Addiction Treatment

Women’s Addiction Treatment needs support

Miranda Vecchio is the executive director of Charlford House which is a woman’s addiction treatment facility in Burnaby BC which has been around for 49 years. Charlford House is in a contest to win a one hundred and twenty-five-thousand-dollar donation from IA financial group.

The founder of the addiction treatment center Thelma McPherson started the house when she would take drug addicts home for support because there was nothing else around at that time. Her husband told her that maybe she should have a place for people to go that are looking for help and that is when they opened a place on Charlford Street and that is where the name Charlford house came from. A year later they outgrown it and moved it to Kitchener Ave in Burnaby.

Miranda talks about how in their addiction treatment program they a large alumni base have who is welcome back at Charlford House as they wish to give back to the current clients who are healing from their addictions. Charlford House’s alumni are welcome to have lunch or dinner whenever they like at the house. Miranda mentions how it is such a vital part of their program.

Charlford House is hoping to win a contest where they can win one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars and that money would go towards a down payment for their “Forever Home” so they can continue to provide addiction services for the next 50-100 years to woman who are recovering from addiction.

But, in order to win, they need your vote!

They have been given an incredible opportunity that would give them an enormous head-start.

Charlford House Addiction Treatment for Women

Charlford House has been selected as a contest finalist! In order to win the $125,000 to help us build our “Forever Home”, they will need to get as many votes as possibly  before November 30, 2018. That’s why they are pulling out all the stops to get votes from our friends, supporters, and their friends and families.

Will you please take a moment and vote for Charlford House today?

It would mean the world to them.

The women at Charlford House, “Thank you”

As always we end our show with a personal recovery story, Reece will talk about how he overcame his addiction.