Drug Addiction Video

“Making a Difference”

Co-produced and Directed with Adelina Suvagau, TV Producer, OMNI Television, Vancouver, Canada

Brief Synopsis:
Regardless of age, social status, nationality or sex, addiction draws thousands of victims daily, on a fast increasing scale. Outcasted and rejected like those stroked by plague in the old days, addicted people receive a merciless and precise label from their community – to be avoided. You could be addicted before you know it, because this invisible and unpredictable enemy reveals itself only when it is too late. Generally spread, addiction is like a contagious disease, sucking you and your friends, family members and colleagues into vertigo of degradation and perdition. Giving self control over to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, the Internet, food (and almost anything that takes control on one’s life) will lead eventually to disaster. The Last Door Society has been dealing successfully with male dependency for close to 30 years. From group therapy talks to living together therapy, the society is “Making a Difference” with a simple approach to fighting against this modern virus: Let’s face addiction together since no one is immune, and no one is irreversibly lost.

Date Released: Feb 27, 2011

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