Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention

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Dave Pavlus, executive director at The Last Door, discusses addiction intervention and rehabilitation in this clip from episode 14, Season 2 of INTERVENTION CANADA.

Intervention Canada is the Canadian version of the Emmy-Award-winning A&E series Intervention. Tune into the gripping one-hour doc series on SLICE in Canada. Check your local listings for details.

Video Transcription

Dave Pavlus: Last Door is long-term facility. We’ve been in New West for thirty years, we’ve got good community support, it’s a real open door policy, you know, we’re work with, my guys are respectful in the community; they contribute. We’re not n the middle of nowhere, that was one of the things we wanted to do. We wanted to do a program that was central, because it’s the whole community. It’s everything from the coffee shop to the local meetings to the gym to the, you know, you make a footprint and you are a part of a community. Our style is a community approach. Long term, people stay however long they need, so for the guys that go back to specific jobs, they might stay three months. Other guys might stay six months; long term can be a year or more. You know, it changes things for them. You get time to develop the skills to stay clean rather than just stay clean. Okay, shake your hand, good luck. We really want you to be good at it by the time you’re leaving. If that means, having a relationship, then you start dating while you’re here. If it’s to get a new career, then you’re gonna go back to school. Explore that. When you have that kind of time frame, you can get into those situations with those people. And if it’s someone off the street, you pretty much have to help them reinvent their whole life. They need a new social network, new friends, they often have so much family damage that that alone will take so much work to make some peace and open the lines of communication and take responsibility. We work with couples, women, collaterals, codependents, kids as well. We have a youth program, small ten to twelve beds. Fourteen to nineteen. Our men’s program is integrated in the sense that we will work with guy’s wives and a whole family if we have to. We want them to enjoy it, not feeling better is not how you’re going to get off drugs. To feel better, to be happy, to have a spiritual awakening could be as simple as a good night’s sleep. Someone cares. Something to eat. Not being afraid, living in anxiety, the paranoia, the – you get dirty inside when you use, you know? And because I have such a diverse group, like I have firefighters here, doctors, lawyers, guys that own companies, you take a guy off the street and put him in that mix, he gets inspired. It elevates him. And on the other hand those guys they have to be careful of ego and arrogance and not appreciating what they have so when we meet in the middle, some really good things happen.