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Last Door Recovery Society and Westminster House Treatment Centre officially launch their #NewWestRecovery Exhibitor and Outreach Information Booth. Together the two agencies will travel coast to coast over the next 12 months to educate physicians, counsellors, interventionists, nurses and therapists about the benefits of the Social Model Treatment approach for addiction, highlighting the amazing recovery community found in the City of New Westminster.

For decades health officials have been travelling to Italy to visit the San Patrignano Recovery Community…all while British Columbia has been host to the Recovery Capital of Canada for the past three decades. New Westminster boasts some of the largest 12 step meetings, largest recovery events, with the youngest median age of people in recovery, inspiring thousands of clients and their families to recover.

The image is a map that makes up the back drop of our Exhibitor Booth, the points indicate all the components that make up our dynamic community, from a coffee at Starbucks, to a walk to the gym or movie theatre, from our group rooms that provide a safe space for clients to get honest, share their struggles, take input and change. People helping people under the care of our multidisciplinary staff team.

We hope our maps inspire other communities to find their local recovery capital and list all the addiction and mental health recovery services on a map, so people can find the help they need.

Connecting people to health care, helps.



Here are some studies that support New West Recovery’s philosophy:

• Findings suggest that trauma interventions likely need to be conducted within a developmental perspective. Program formats include the 90 day, multi model residential program for developmental trauma and military PTSD as outlined in the Busittil and an integrated PTSD-SUD program developed by the Ford and Russo. W. Busuttil, “the Development of a 90 Day Residential Program for the treatment of Complex PTSD” journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, & Trauma 12 92006):29-55 JD Ford Russo “Trauma Focused, Present- Centered, Emotional Self-Regulation Approach to integrated Treatment for PTSD and Addictions.: Trauma Adaptive Recovery Group Education and Therapy (TARGET)

• The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) indicated rehabilitation programs of 90 days or longer, provide the best treatment outcomes. Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment, a research based guide NIDA Third Edition

• Results of a 16 year study conducted by Stanford University and the Department of Veterans Affairs Canada indicated: Veterans who participated in treatment with twelve-step facilitation were most successful Rudolf H. Moos and Bernice S. Moos Participation in treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous: A 16-year follow-up of initially untreated individuals

• Those who participate in short term treatments relapse rates are double those of long-term treatment. Connecticut Department of Corrections, Recidivism, 2010

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