May 2016 Last Door Newsletter – Addiction and Recovery News

Your Monthly News and Updates from Last Door, Issue #70 May 2016.

Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada Talks PTSD and Addiction Recovery with Last Door

Honourable Minister of Veterans Affairs Kent Hehr

With special support by the Honourable Peter Julian, Member of Parliament, Last Door Recovery Society was invited to meet with, the Honourable Kent Hehr, Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada, Monday April 18 in the Minister’s Hill office, East Block of Parliament Hill. The aim of the meeting was to identify the opportunities available at Last Door Recovery Centre for addiction and PTSD recovery for Veterans.

To read more visit Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Last Door receives Accreditation Canada accreditation 

Last Door continues growth and innovation aimed at being a world leader in addiction treatment. Last Door decided to further its credentials in the health care coaddiction treatment recoverymmunity by seeking Accreditation Canada accreditation. The two year process involved evaluation of current systems and structures with improvements and changes applied where needed.

Accreditation Canada conducted a primer Survey of our programs that resulted in Last Door receiving Accreditation.  Surveyors stated they were particularly impressed with Last Door’s staff, client and stakeholder engagement and understanding of our mission and values. This high level of engagement is apparently very rare and highly sought throughout the health care community. Surveyors also cited our custom electronic health records as notable.

To read more visit Accredited Addiction Treatment Centre

$24,000 raised in 18 days for the Connection Project

Hosting community recovery events has been a large part of Last Door Recovery Society’s 32 year success story.  The Connection Project will help people survive and connection for addiction recoveryovercome their addiction and live without the use of  drugs. Along the way families, employers and friends get an opportunity to heal.

Addiction rates in Canada rose 203% in the past 10 years, these numbers are alarming, and more creative and innovative treatment services are needed.

ISOLATION becomes the reality of many addicts. The need for all of us to CONNECT is the basis of the Connection Project. Our message is that RECOVERY works.

To watch the video and learn more visit our Addiction Recovery Community Engagement link

Last Door Visits Ottawa’s office of the CACCF

The Canadian Addictions Counsellor Certification offices in Ottawa were invaded by a team of westerners! Board member and Treasurer Jessica Cooksey was accompanied by CACCF Addiction Counsellorretired board member Nick Ringma.

The CACCF has been diligently working toward legislative recognition for certification in every province and territory. Last Door Recovery Society, for over 3 decades, has ensured clients and their families receive services from creditable, professional, and monitored counsellors through requiring CACCF membership and certification. Last Door currently has 16 certified addictions counsellors and 6 addictions workers as well as two clinical supervisors all certified by the CACCF.

To learn more about the CACCF visit, click our blog pertaining to addiction counsellors certification 

Alumni of the Month – Youth Program Alumni 

I am Zak and I am an addict.
My story starts in Cloverdale. My family loved me, I got decent grades in school, and I put zakup a good front of happiness. But it wasn’t true. I always wanted something different. I never felt satisfied. I started drinking at 12 and by 14 I was using Crystal Meth. I was in denial about my addiction for a few years, drinking and drugging every day and telling people I was only an alcoholic because I only used drugs when I drank.

My first realization that I am an addict came when I was 16. I was justifying my addiction to somebody when they pointed out that I drank every day, and used every time I drank. I realized that they were right. I am a drug addict. That was shocking knowledge for me for about ten minutes. Then I used some drugs and felt ok about it.

I first found NA when I was 17 years old. I went to a meeting in Surrey and announced myself as an addict. People hugged me and invited me to go bowling with them. I had never felt like that before, but I just couldn’t stop using for long enough to find any true happiness. About 6 months later, my mom found my meeting list and had an intervention with me. She suggested that I go to the Last Door because I insisted that NA meetings be in my life if I am trying to get clean. I went to detox and came to the Last Door with 8 days clean.

Visit this link to read more on Zak’s 11 months of treatment at Last Door’s Youth Addiction Treatment Program 

Talk Recovery Radio

Each week Last Door and Westminster House work together to bring addiction recovery Talk Recovery 2issues to the airwaves in Vancouver.  Listen to our show on 100.5 fm every Thursday on CoOp Radio.

Past Shows

  • Seeking a Life Free of Addiction started with a Choice
  • Addiction is Addiction
  • Learning to Love, Your Guide to Personal Empowerment
  • Insane, a memoir of eating disorders, addiction, and bipolar disorder
  • Saving Jake: When Addiction Hits Home
  • Bottled, a mom’s guide to early recovery
  • Acupuncture for Addiction, PTSD and Trauma Related Injuries

To listen to past shows, visit this link

Save these dates:

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Click here for a full list of addiction recovery events for the community 

Meet the Last Door recovery team

Last Door Staff

the Last Door team, we’re here to help!

Close to 40 full time staff, contract workers, Board Members, referral agents, interventionists, and volunteers all work together to bring recovery to families across North America.

Addiction recovery in New Westminster is well known across North America as vibrant, inclusive and long term.. Visit our updated staff page and meet the team that helps keep New Westminster a great place to find recovery.

Addiction Recovery Team

Acadmic Article Published Last Door Staff member

It is with pride that we can share the attached link to an academic article published by our staff team member, Alex Otero. Alex wrote this paper while completing his degree at Simon Fraser University. At the time he was studying Socrates’ theory of valuing Alexrelationships and remaining in a continuous state of being teachable (Socrates maintained that: ‘True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing’). During this time, Alex was also learning about how capitalist one-third world societies had gotten us to value consumption as being a good living goal. As a person living in long-term recovery Alex has experienced consumption and detachment and how detrimental they are to having a good life. Taking is ultimately unfulfilling, and Alex realized how Socrates’ theories of valuing what we can do for our communities is what we inspired him to write this paper.

Click here to read the article

Addiction Recovery Survey 

As noted in my message of April 8, 2016, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) and the National Recovery Advisory Committee (NRAC) araddiction recovery surveye conducting a Survey of Life in Recovery from Addiction in Canada. The survey is being conducted for CCSA and the NRAC by PRA Inc., an independent research firm. The survey has been reviewed and approved by IRB Services, a research ethics board.

The survey is now active and accessible via the link provided below.

Coffee and a Conversation

You may have heard about Last Door’s Keystone Addiction Treatment Family Program, a rural, peaceful environment for individuals and families sufKeystonefering from the effects of addiction to receive guidance and a chance to heal and come together.

Keystone continues to grow and is fitting nicely into the rhythm of Last Door. We have a fantastic new barn, a great new garden and greenhouse, and new farm animals. So many people have contributed so much it’s impossible to thank them all.

Some of you may remember that in 2014 we asked you to participate in our Coffee & Conversation Fundraiser to help maintain the services and facility at Keystone and the time has come to ask again for ongoing support from our friends and supporters.

to learn more about “Coffee and a Conversation visit this link

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