Loved ones of addicts need help too

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Help for Family of Loved Ones who are Addicts Workshops –

When people choose to engage in any kind of addictive behaviour to hide from their feelings and their life tasks, there are often a number of friends and family members who are affected by that person’s addiction.

All too often—and sometimes without our knowledge—our clients are the loved ones of people with these addictions, quietly struggling and suffering right along with them—and not having any idea about where to turn for help. They may be seeing you for other presenting issues—perhaps feeling too much shame to talk directly about the dire situation they are in with the addicts in their lives.

Loved Ones of Addicts Really Need Our Help!

On January 17, 2015, Candace Plattor (Vancouver therapist in private practice and author of “Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself”) and Cait Saul (Director of the “Angels Community & Addiction Advisors Network”) are presenting a 1-day workshop for counsellors, therapists, and psychology students who are working with the loved ones of addicts.  As you know, our clients are often loved ones, even though they might not be talking about those particular issues due to intense feelings of shame and guilt.  Because addiction so frequently plays a huge part in the dynamics of our clients’ relationships, it is incumbent upon their clinicians to be able to assess this and know how to best work with them.

These clients really need our help — and becoming known as a therapist (or agency) that specializes in working with the loved ones of addicts can also help to expand your client base and increase your professional income.