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Addiction Treatment using The Law Of Attraction

Counselor therapist and life coach Amanda Molineux, on the law of attraction. The law of attraction simply is: our thoughts will create an emotion which then will result in the reaction. The law of attraction is just the principle that our thoughts create it. So, what we choose to consciously focus on will end up seeing. That’s also a basic principle in neuro-linguistic programming as well.

I’m also an addiction counselor and so a big part of what I do in my practice is allow people to grieve, to cry, to but down barriers that say, “I must be strong all the time” An example of how to use childhood trauma is, because of my trauma from my father growing up I thought I was defective in some way, the abuse was my fault. Here’s where I really learned the value of the law of attraction I ended up going to see a counselor who is a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. I really wanted to know why he had done it.

I could look at the situation and go Wow, he did it because he was guilty, he committed suicide because he felt guilty and that he couldn’t stop hurting children and he didn’t think it was fair so he thought he would take his own life. I was then able to start putting the pieces together, by counseling sessions of actual counseling because it’s very important to feel those emotions because we don’t know until we have those emotions we don’t know where we want to take it.

In my practice, I do counseling sessions first and then life coaching is starting to do the forward sort of motivation, there is always the clearing up the past with the counseling first. The shift in perception that made me change my life around is again my thoughts creating an emotion which then resulted in my action. I also use tapping, I do that when I am a little bit overly excited or a little bit nervous, that is called tapping emotional freedom technique and it’s it really works well. I’m also a hypnotherapist as well. I give people the tools they need to be able to create what they would like in their life.

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Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to create your future with Create Your Future’s Amanda Molyneux PNLP, PTT, CCHt has been in private practice for over 2 years, as a counsellor, therapist and life coach.  She is a registered Hypnotherapist, Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach.

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