Last Door – MAY e-News Issue #77

Alumni of the Month

Hi my name is Jordan, I am 19 years old and a proud alumni of the Last Door Youth Program. My clean date is January 11th 2016 and I hold that date very close to me.  Before I checked into treatment my life fell into pieces. Drugs took control of my life and it made me do things that I told myself I would never do. I hurt the people closest to me such as my family and close friend. I stole, lied and manipulated people into getting me what I wanted. Growing up in a middle-class family from Richmond I didn’t think that I would end up going to treatment for a drug addiction …..

to read more about Jordan’s addiction recovery story, please visit here 

Recovery Capital Conference of Canada

Stronger Connections = Stronger Communities September 7th and 8th, 2017,  An updated list of speakers has been posted.   Do you know what Recovery Capital is?  Do you know what Portugal did do to have the lowest mortality rate in the world from drug overdoses? hint, its not just decriminalization.. and Do you know the science behind addiction recovery? 

Recovery Speaks

Everyone has a story to share. Through this collaborative project between Cedars on Cobble Hill, Last Door Recovery Society, Westminster House Society, and members of the recovery community, we have created a space to share our stories of hope and transformation. Our goal is to inspire others to live with courageous vulnerability, to experience the power of virtue in one’s humanity and to witness that there is hope of a life free from addiction.  THURSDAY – JUNE 22ND, 2017

FREE tickets available! Tickets Required – available at

Korean TV comes to Last Door

We were THRILLED to host a visit from KBS (Korea) the Korean Broadcasting System to document Last Door’s addiction treatment program. Korea’s addiction numbers are skyrocketing, this news-show could be seen by millions of South Koreans and help remove the stigma of addiction found there, and inspire someone to find a new way to live. Thank you KBS World for filming today, asking the right questions, and trusting Last Door’s philosophy for South Koreans.  Thank you   We will post the news show when it is available, they picked there centres, one in France, one in Luxembourg, and Last Door in Canada.

Leave your Mark

INSPIRE  A NEW GUY and LEAVE YOUR MARK engraved on our recovery wall. Everyday new guys are checking into Last Door, this wall will be the first thing they see while they wait for an intake worker. Leave a permanent message of experience, strength and hope for the new guys, their parents, wives and partners… let them know that people care and that long term recovery is possible.  Space available now!   

To order a plaque and select placement email or call 1-888-525-9771.  

Family Program Retreat


Weekend Retreat May 26, 27, 28, 29, 2017 is SOLD OUT, please call 604-525-9771 to be placed on the wait list for our next Retreat, Retreats run ever 3 months for up to 15 people.

Participants will develop and take away their own individual Recovery Plan and have the opportunity to meet and form a network of support with others families. It is anticipated that family members will come away with renewed hope and concrete tools to not just survive but continue to thrive despite the presence of addiction in their respective families. There will be opportunity to learn, grown and relax and reflect in the course of the Family Weekend.

To learn more about addiction recovery for the family visit here

Talk Recovery

Every Thursday New West Recovery produces Talk Recovery, a live radio show from noon to 1 pm on 100.5 FM Vancouver Coop Radio. Talk Recovery interviews guests to learn about all the pathways to recovery.  We are close to our 100 th SHOW anniversary.  Thanks for listening, and if you would like to be on our show, email

Listen to repeat shows here

Connection Project 2017

Connection is the opposite of Isolation. You’re money will support recovery! For every $1 spent on recovery, Canadians save over $4 in addiction related costs. 

ISOLATION is a reality for many ADDICTS. Our message is that “CONNECTION” and “RECOVERY” can help stop the overdose crisis.  Last Door Recovery Society’s “Connection Project” helps connect people to their community, giving them a sense of PURPOSE, a sense of PRIDE.  Each year we seek donations from stakeholders and supporters to help fund our community events. $60,000 will help cover the costs of producing these events for all to enjoy.

Watch the video and Donate to addiction recovery today! 

Save these Dates, where your donations to our Go Fund Me campaign will help cover costs

Community Events play an integral role in Last Door’s treatment programs; clients, alumni, their families, stakeholders and the community at large are invited to participate in celebrations, advocacy and education opportunities.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest news. 

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