July E-News 2017

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Being BiPolar, i thought that was my only problem

I came to Last Door a broken and hopeless human being in the winter of 2014, utterly miserable with my life and sincerely believing that the world would be better off without me. I had very little hope that your help would make any difference in my quality of life.

Being Bipolar I thought that my only problem was my depression and my mania, and that my “addiction” was the only thing that kept me sane. After trying dozens of treatments, from medications, therapists, electro-convulsive therapy, hospitalizations, mindfulness meditation and literally anything else my family and I could think of, you were literally our last resort. I had very little hope that spending time with you would make any difference whatsoever.

Click here to read more about Alumni Kurt’s Recovery Story 

Do you work in Health Care or Manage Employees?

Global addiction recovery experts will gather in New Westminster BC on September 7th and 8th, 2017 at the Anvil Convention Centre for Canada’s Premiere Addiction Recovery Conference.

From Recovery in the Workplace, to Building Recovery Communities, this conference will help build stronger connections for stronger communities.


Updated Schedule Online Now

Two full days!

The Conference Registration Package includes two days attendance, Continuing Education Credits, two full breakfasts, two full plated lunches, four keynote speakers, and a choice between eight workshops over two days.

For a full list of CEU click here 

Family Program 

4 day Family Enhancement Program success! Last Door provides clients’ families with a focused therapeutic and educational recovery retreat at Last Door’s 40 acre rural property.

Our next retreat is in September, call Louise at 604-525-9771 to reserve your space.



From Farm to Table

We’ve created 15,000 square feet of gardens

Last Door’s Keystone Retreat facility is now providing vegetables that are being used for client meals. Our new sustainable menus are loved by our clients and their families.

Watch a video on Keystone here.

Keystone Retreat Facility for Families and Clients 


Last Door hosts Substance Free Events During Vancouver Pride

This year Last Door is excited to host the 5th Anniversary of the Untoxicated Festival in partnership with Vancouver Pride Society, Telus and Health Initiative for Men, Canada’s largest Clean and Sober Event on Pride Day.

Clean Sober and Proud has many success Stories, here are two of those stories

Finding Pride in Sober Spaces, by Paige

“Generally, if I wasn’t on the sidelines high and drunk, I didn’t even make it to Pride because my comedowns were so bad, or I was catching up on sleep after multiple nights without. At best, I’d be found blacked out on the beach somewhere, smelling like liquor, pupils dilated and sweating because of all the drugs I had in my system. I was a mess.” ….read more of Paige’s recovery story

Finding Pride In Sober Space, by Gord

“As with many, my addiction began with childhood trauma. My father committed suicide when I was nine, and I started making unhealthy coping choices in my early years ….read more of Gord’s recovery story

Almost $30,000 raised …. thank you!

Connection is the opposite of Isolation. You’re money will support recovery! For every $1 spent on recovery, Canadians save over $4 in addiction related costs. 

ISOLATION is a reality for many ADDICTS. Our message is that “CONNECTION” and “RECOVERY” can help stop the overdose crisis.  Last Door Recovery Society’s “Connection Project” helps connect people to their community, giving them a sense of PURPOSE, a sense of PRIDE.  Each year we seek donations from stakeholders and supporters to help fund our community events. $60,000 will help cover the costs of producing these events for all to enjoy.

Watch the video and Donate to addiction recovery today! 

Save these Dates, here’s where your donations to our Go Fund Me campaign are used to help cover the costs. 

Community Events play an integral role in Last Door’s treatment programs; clients, alumni, their families, stakeholders and the community at large are invited to participate in celebrations, advocacy and education opportunities.

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