Food Addiction

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Susan Standfield is the founder and creator of Gojigo which is an animal free food activist and is currently developing a TV series called edible planet. When Susan was 13 she got bulimia and she had it for 10 years. Susan said she did not speak about it until she was in her early 30s. Susan started to eat her way out of depression in the produce section in a grocery store in Vancouver and that is when her awakening happened. Susan helps people from all walks of life. Having lots of people sick and 30% of Canadians over the age of 15 are now obese. Lots of people do not reach out who might be ashamed or embarrassed.

The name Gojigo came from one day Susan’s son spilling goji berries all over himself when they wee in a rush to get out of the hosue and Susan thought, why cant you have goji berries to go and have drive throughs that have healthy foods. Found the game Gogigo very catchy. The first business was opened in Cape Town. People who do not eat animal products can save between three to six thousand dollars a year. There are many different products that would normally contain animal products but don’t and taste the same as if they did have animal products.

Everyone is addicted to foods, cheese has a protein called casein which has the same dopamine as heroin does, same as sugar. Humans are addicted to the sight or smell of food, for example if you walk into a fast food restaurant and smell the food it affects your senses and smells and you crave the food. The act of eating healthy is an act of self love and self care.

Susan has a website for her company and it is and she also has a Facebook page called, Susan Standfield Spooner which has 3 years of photographs and recipes of healthy eating.

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