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This week on Talk Recovery Radio we Talk Recovery with Dr. Neil McKeganey.  Drugs: Breaking the Cycle was part of the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada Conference, his talk inspired his return to speak to us on Talk Recovery Radio.

Dr. McKeganey is the founding Director of the Centre for Drug Misuse Research within the University of Glasgow. Neil McKeganey graduated from the Universities of Sussex, London and Aberdeen. For the last fifteen years he has concentrated on research within the drug misuse field and has undertaken work on drug injectors and HIV, prostitution, and drugs and young people. Professor McKeganey led the research team which undertook a pilot of the ADAM methodology of interviewing and drug testing arrestees. He has acted as an advisor to the UK Home Office, the World Health Organisation and the United States Department of Justice. He is the author of many published books and articles and his most recent book, co-authored with Professor James McIntosh, is “Beating the Dragon: the recovery from dependent drug use”.

Drugs: Breaking the Cycle using “Recovery Capital” to change the dynamics of communication and influence to ensure health and well-being are at the centre of policy and planning, in terms of the structures, services and support available.  Addiction treatment is being looked at with a different lense after decades of Methadone.  Listen to this weeks show to hear what happened in Scotland.  Website: http://substanceuseresearch.org/neil-mckeganey-ph-d/

Dr. McKeganey is the author of over 150 academic papers and six books -the most recent of which is “A to Z of Substance Misuse and Addiction” (Palgrave Macmillan 2014). He has written widely in the media on the topic of illegal drugs and has acted in an advisory role for a wide range of international organisations including the World Health Organisation, the UK Home Office, the United Nations. In 2011.

Stay tuned to the second part of the show for personal story with Jill P, mother in recovery, just married, and how she does it.

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Posted by Talk Recovery on Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Posted by Talk Recovery on Thursday, November 30, 2017