Dr. William Hay Psychiatry and Addiction

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Psychiatry and Addiction written by Dr. William Hay

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We have had many guests on Talk Recovery Radio including the people behind the prescription heroin “SALOME Trials” to Dr, Dodes, author of The Sober Truth: Debunking 12-Step Programs & Rehab. This past Thursday we had Vancouver Psychiatrist Dr. William Hay on air discussing his thoughts about the Downtown Eastside and how Vancouver’s Harm Reduction approach is not inline with the World Health Organization’s mandate for ‪#‎HarmReduction‬ and is failing as a system of healthcare.

Dr. Hay who has an office in the downtown Eastside claims there’s too many financial rewards for doctors to keep patients high and sick, then for their patients to get clean and sober. He claims that the College of Physicians ethics have lost touch with the patient’s needs and focuses more on society’s needs, going against a doctors oath. He spoke about an increase of gag orders being placed on doctors when they speak out about the DTES and encourages more whistle blowers to come forward. He says “Did you know that there is not one proven case in Canada of Hepatitis C being transmitted by crack pipes and no scientific evidence that it’s even possible, yet tax payers are paying for free pipes on the false information that free crack pipes prevents diseases.”

All we can say is…. It was qite the show.. many people called the studio and complained about Dr. Hay’s comments

A meeting was held with the co-hosts and the station manager and we discussed how it’s an interesting world, no one called to complain that Dr. Dodes said AA and Treatment kills people and no called when we talked about how the SALOME TRIALS legally imported heroin into Canada and spent millions on security needed to house the heroin in a military style safe in Ottawa .. but people called in because a doctor with practical experience in the ‪#‎DTES‬ had something to say that isn’t inline with the status quo.

Thank you CO Op Radio for giving the underdog a voice on the radio this past Thursday, just like you are giving our upcoming guests their voice on upcoming shows like the
— the Yogic Path to Recovery
— The Cure for Alcoholism and Addiction, a book to learn how to use socially again

You can replay Dr. Hay’s show here — https://lastdoor.org/dr-william-hay-psychiatry-and-addi…/

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recovery and addiction is a conversation that needs individual conversations patient to patient. We’re here to give all sides a voice.

Psychiatry and Addiction, Personal Perspectives Book Launch

The book launch for my book, Psychiatry and Addiction, Personal Perspectives was a great success. I thank of those who came and especially those who paid $16 for a copy. I’ve only had a poetry book launch and this was much better attended.   I sold some 30 books or so.

I was really fortunate to have some of the real book launch pros there from the Canadian Authors Association, too:Jean Kay, (creator of inspirational poetry -@jeankaypoet), Robert Mackay (author of Terror on the Alert)  and Margaret Hume (author of Just Mary).  They all told me the launch was  definitely a good one.   They also gave us a lot of advice.

Angel Lai my executive assistant had taken care of all the details.  Nadine from the Alano Club agreed to us using that perfection location for such a launch.  Angel had Solly’s as caterers and everyone loved the food.  Ruel Morales who teaches guitar at Long and McQuade provided classical music entertainment when I wasn’t reading.  Jean Kay collected money and cued me to when I should read.

I even played guitar and sang an addiction song I’d written called Pills and Booze.  When reading from my book I shared some of the back ground stories which pleased many there who also worked in the health care field.  It was wonderful to see my close friend Dr. George there. I would love to name everyone who came and give them an award for their participation but that’s not going to happen. It was just a joy to look out and see so many friends and hear later how much they enjoyed the evening. I just wish I’d had more time to mingle and talk with everyone.

Gilbert was there in his red pet therapy vest greeting everyone and making sure no one felt lonely.  All round a wonderful party I was honoured to be a part of.

The book is for sale at Amazons as Kindle edition and can be bought hard cover now at $16  calling 604-708-1117.