Private Alcohol Detox and Opiate DetoxBed

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Last Door integrates a private, fee-for-service, medically supported residential Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal Management Program for Youth and Adults on an assessed needs basis. Please contact the Last Door intake team for a telephone screening to discuss our detox protocol and suitability.  Residential Detox is only available to clients who plan on participated in Last Door’s longer term treatment program.

Please click here for more details on Last Door opiate withdrawal for heroin, oxycodone and fentanyl detox.

Last Door also provides Private Medical Detox for alcohol withdrawal.

Addiction Withdrawal at Last Door – Last Door integrates medically supervised Residential Withdrawal Management Protocol under the care of an American Society of Addiction Medicine [ASAM] Certified Addiction Specialist. Last Door’s Social Program residential environment enhances the medically monitored detoxification period by customizing the protocol with supplemental nutritional efficiencies that support any lingering physical, mental or behavioural issues. Patients also benefit from the social supports of other Patients’ who have stabilized and provide peer support and mentorship. Noticeable Bio-Psycho-Social changes appear within the first week of treatment for Patients fostering “group-readiness”. Detox includes the leading edge Nicotine Withdrawal Program pioneered at Last Door 17 years ago and subsequently replicated by many treatment centres.

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