Benefits of Longer Term Treatment

Clients with addictions and co-occurring disorders should take a more gradual approach and stay in treatment longer. Clients who have been diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder as well as a drug or alcohol problem, and take advantage of Last Door’s longer term treatment program do better because they participate in medical assessments and medication management programs while being involved in a supportive and inspiring environment. These clients successfully lead full and healthy lives with a practical balance between medication and alternative therapies.

The client’s medical history and medical assessment along with diagnostic instruments (DAST, HoNOS, GAIN and SOGS) inform the treatment plan. Last Door’s electronic screening process flags PTSD, depression, anxiety, cognitive impairments, brain injuries and post-acute withdrawal symptoms for further attention. Assessments and reviews at 30, 60 and 90 days along with weekly case management notes help identify additional areas that may require further support. Clients with Co-occurring Disorders may benefit from longer treatment with durations extending to five to six months.