Last Door has affiliated with Linda Lane Devlin CIP Board Certified Interventions on Demand, Ware Interventions and Successful Interventions to provide addiction intervention / treatment services and consultation to individuals and their families to clear the path to recovery and facilitate freedom from the devastating and deadly disease of addiction. Across the border and across addictions we will provide a caring yet effective and individualized approach to intervention / treatment and on-going recovery services resulting in a new way of life.

PLEASE NOTE – Interventions are not part of Last Door, and are third party contractors. You should NEVER use an interventionist that is affiliated with a treatment centre.  The treatment approach should be an unbiased approach.   These interventionist are approved by Last Door but they DO NOT automatically pick Last Door as the treatment provider, that decision should be made without pressure from the treatment centre.

Ware Interventions

Ware Interventionstodd ware certified interventionist

Todd Ware
Certified Interventionist

Todd specializes in supporting individuals move into solution. His experience at Vancouver Coastal Health provides him with the necessary skills to take charge of difficult situations, and dealing with addiction problems. In addition, Todd has extensive experience in working with both young men and women in different stages of their recovery process.

Todd Ware has worked in the addiction field supporting individuals for over 17 years. He has worked at Vancouver Coastal Health, West Vancouver School District, Watari Youth Program, and Peak House Youth Treatment in various different roles including:

Intervention Professional, Addiction Recovery Program Coordinator, Violence Prevention Specialist, Youth Worker, Substance Misuse Counsellor, Life Skills Coordinator, and Youth Counsellor.

Todd has training and certifications in:

  • Certified Intervention Professional
  • Certified Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor
  • Provincial Violence Prevention Facilitator
  • Mental Health, Addictions, and Dual Diagnosis and Housing Safety
  • Suicide and Self Harm Training
  • Social Skills Training
  • CAT Training (CBT, Concurrent Disorders, RET)
  • Workplace Violence: Accessing Risk and Managing Outcomes Training
  • Correctional Service of Canada: Correctional Volunteer Orientation Program
  • Addiction for Older Addicts Training
  • Critical Events Stress Management Training

Ware Interventions is an intervention service that helps support individuals stuck in addiction move into action. By effectively empowering people suffering from addiction and their families with the necessary tools, Ware Interventions is able to not only help each individual involved get the help they need, but also provide them with a plan for lifelong recovery, success and health. At Ware Interventions, we recognize that each individual and their situation are unique, and the approach to their recovery must be personalized. Our team of interventionists is experienced and capable of taking the most daunting set of circumstances and turning them into a success story. Our office is located in Vancouver, BC, and we will travel anywhere in Canada and the United States to facilitate an intervention.

Linda Lane Devlin Interventions
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Linda Lane Devlin Interventionist , CIP, I.C.A.D.C. CCAC

Phone: (604)544-4446
Mobile: 778-231-9576

Linda is a Board Registered Interventionist who has conducted many successful Interventions. She is a long standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor through ICRC and Certified Intervention Profession CIP through the Pennsylvania Certification Board

Successful Interventions

Jade Seabrook, BRI
Cell: 250.751-9867 Phone 250.714-0055
Email –
Member of Network of Independent Interventionists
Member of Association of Intervention Specialists

“Successful Interventions offers a safe and compassionate approach to successfully dealing with self destructive behaviors and getting individuals into treatment. Our certified interventionists provide professional guidance and support throughout every aspect of the intervention. Recognizing that each intervention is a unique experience for the family or business, we believe that what may work for one group may not work for another. Nothing is taken for granted and we ensure that everything is done to make the intervention a success. We are with you every step of the process.

With offices in Nanaimo, Vancouver and Victoria, we will travel anywhere in North America or internationally to facilitate an intervention.”