Bottled, a mom’s guide to early recovery

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bottledHumorist Dana Bowman chronicles her struggle with alcoholism—and
subsequent recovery—through the prism of early motherhood, offering empathy, comic relief, and encouragement for moms everywhere.
“Poignant, hilarious, and instructive. Filled with genuinely good guidance and laugh-out-loud moments, Bottled will resonate with any mom in or seeking recovery from alcoholism. I wish I’d had access to it when I was a young mom finding recovery.”—Dawn Nickel, PhD, Founder of She Recovers
An unflinching memoir about recovery as a mother of young kids, Bottled explains the perils moms face with drinking and chronicles the author’s path to recovery, from hitting bottom
to the months of early sobriety—a blur of pain and chaos—to her now (in)frequent moments of peace.

Punctuated by potent, laugh-out-loud sarcasm, Bottled offers practical suggestions on how to be a sober, present-in-themoment mom, one day at a time, and provides much needed
levity on an issue too often treated with deadly seriousness.

“We are all recovering from something, and we all need a little honesty and humor to make it through. That’s exactly what Dana provides in Bottled. Journey through
the messy, drama-filled life of a recovering alcoholic, self-proclaimed ‘over-reactor’ and ‘zombie-mom.’ Get ready to laugh, cry, and think about what really matters.

You’ll never look at carrot cake the same way again!”
— Kasey Johnson, Author of Mom Essentials and 7 Ways to Be a S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Mom, blogger at