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This week on Talk Recovery Radio, fitness instructor, person in recovery Adam Haber joins the show to share his story of Recovery from Addiction and to talk about his fundraiser for Last Door Youth Program. Adam is lifting 100,000 pounds to raise $100,000 for youth addiction treatment.

About Adam Haber

Adam Haber FitnessAdam Haber is a registered BCRPA certified personal trainer who owns and operates Adam Haber Fitness and Training.  Adam holds other certifications; he is a certified fitness leader, certified weight trainer injury specialist, and certified in group training, muscle testing and function, nutrition, sports supplements, training the ageing population, and training professional athletes. Adam holds active First Aid CPR certification and has current liability insurance.  Adam is committed to ongoing re-certification training and education. Adam currently works as a strength and conditioning coach for numerous MMA fighters, including two former and two current UFC fighters. When meeting with our clients, Adam adheres to strict safety protocols and assesses the client’s introductory level knowledge, develops, and writes an individual training program for each person. Adam starts by teaching all clients proper range of motion and breathing techniques. As an alumnus of Last Door Recovery Centre, Adam has lived recovery experience and has been active in his personal recovery program for over a decade.  This personal experience gives him an advantage in understanding and teachings the fundamentals of health to individuals in early recovery.

Adam shares his personal experience from when he first started using drugs.  Progressing from drugs when he was 14 years old to living in an ally in his 30s. Adam says he recalls using substances for the first time at 14 and chasing the high he got until he landed in the door of an addiction treatment centre in 2010. Adam explains his time using as not a good experience between jail time to homelessness and that time included not a lot of employment.

Adam’s addiction treatment experience did not start at Last Door in 2010, he was accessing services ion 2002, a couple substance use centres In 2003 and another treatment attempt in 2004 but he was successful and explains to listeners that he was not ready then.

Adam explains what his life is like now, managing apartment buildings, part owner of a gym and trains UFC fighters. Adam says he went to eating out of dumpsters, being addicted to drugs and being in addiction treatment to owning gyms and training UFC fighters, Adam says his life is amazing and he would not trade it for anything.

About the fundraiser

Adam Haber

Hi I’m Adam Haber, of Adam Haber’s fitness. Last year I raised $10,000 for youth addiction treatment, this year I’m going BIGGER.

Want to join me in making a difference? I’m going to bench-press 100,000 LBS in one day all for charity. I’m raising money to benefit Last Door Recovery Society’s Youth Program, and any donation will help make an impact.

I want to help keep kids off the streets and help them overcome addiction – please share this challenge on Facebook and Instagram, tell your friends and family – let’s get the word out!

I’ve been training for months to attempt this challenge and I need your support to make it happen!

See me sacrifice myself in order to attempt this challenge live on October 29th 2021

Adam has a goal of lifting 100,000 pounds to raise money for youth addiction treatment. Adam talks about his inspiration for the fundraiser and one of those inspirations is his young son growing every day. Adam did a smaller fundraiser in 2018 what was called “Sit Up for your Recovery” and he did 2500 sit ups to try and raise $5,000 dollars for youth addiction treatment, on the day of the fundraiser Adam did all 2500 sit ups and raised $10,400 for Last Door Youth Program. Coming up to Adam’s 10 years clean he decided he wanted to times that number by 10 and raise $100,000 and that is where the number came from.

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Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

More information about Last Door Recovery Society: Please help Last Door strengthen our recovery community! Last Door has been helping individuals & their families overcome addiction for 35 years. Your donation ensures we can continue providing professional addiction recovery services. We serve youth, adults and families through treatment in homelike residential facilities, a rural retreat facility amidst BC forests. We have a spectrum of services from medical treatment, family groups, ongoing aftercare, and horticultural and recreational therapy.


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