You’re Sober, Now What?

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Guest 1 – Thrive in Recovery

Amy Guerrero is a sober coach and is in recovery herself.

Recovery Life coaching will provide you with the safe environment and support to build the sober life you got sober to live and the fulfilling relationships you desire. Thrive in Recovery is a one of its kind program for people just like you that have made the decision to abstain from behaviors that don’t serve you or the people you love. Maybe deep within you want more and you feel a little fear or make yourself wrong for being “ungrateful” for all that you already have? You want to feel more comfortable in your own skin. You wake up and think to yourself this is going to be the day! And a month goes by and nothing changes.
It is not your fault, it is not your “character defects” you just never learned the skills or received the support to have the relationships you really want, right? With highly supportive, personal life coaching you will learn how to trust yourself. One day at a time you will feel more confident because you will feel seen and heard. You will feel the hope again and learn that you are safe to be your best self. I see you over there wanting to have more fun in your sober relationships, express more creativity, start your business and get the love you want so you can thrive. Do you want to express yourself without guilt or shame and to live bold, go BIG and be fully expressed (with all your feelings) in your relationships in your sober life? It is so possible! A personalized coaching program will support you in discovering techniques to experience your life with more play instead of fear, more exhilaration instead of anxiety, more joy instead of depression and get the love you want. If you days turn into months in a repetitive cycle — attending meetings, going to therapy, doing the next right thing, wondering when you are going to feel comfortable in your own skin…then lets chat! I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life.

More details on Amy can be found here

Guest 2 – H.O.P.E. Guides (Help Others Prepare for Everything)

Jacob uses his intimate knowledge of substance abuse, personal development strategies, life skills, and unique interventions to assist others in any facet of life they wish to improve upon. Jacob has helped individuals and their families combat addictions and other life struggles for 3 years. Jacob provides the guiding hand and structural framework that will result in anyone taking hold of their lives and becoming their truest selves.

H.O.P.E. Guides (Help Others Prepare for Everything)- Whether it is professionally, personally, relationships, or establishing footing in recovery, I can help you achieve your goals.
Even if you are unclear on what those goals are, I can help you reach your ultimate potential in any arena of life through harvesting your natural skills, abilities, and character traits, while simultaneously assisting you in overcoming your self-imposed and situational barriers.

He specializes in getting clients to a point of self-awareness and self-confidence, where they know they can conquer any situation or circumstance.

  • self-exploration
  • instilling self-discipline
  • enhancing self-awareness
  • building self-esteem

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