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Addiction Recovery Study

Dr. Lee Ann Kostic a senior scientist and Dr. Jane Witbrot, associate scientists from the Alcohol Research Group about their study of the field of recovery and 12-Step and treatment.

The word recovery is thrown around all the time and treatment programs are supposed to deliver recovery; 12 step programs are about recovery. So, what is recovery. By doing surveys of people in recovery and treatment, most studies have equated recovery with being abstinent. So, we interviewed hundreds of people and asked them to tell us how they defined recovery and then we broke that down and gave a smaller set of recovery items, 47 items to 10,000 people in recovery. We got the answers and whittled all that down into four groupings: Abstinence, Essentials of recovery, Enriched recovery and Spirituality in recovery.

The four items that were endorsed by pretty much everybody and they don’t have to do with abstinence. It being honest with myself, handling negative feelings without using, being able to enjoy life without drinking, or using drugs like I used to, which gives you room for maybe just drinking less, and recovery is a process of growth and development.

This study is important in terms of government policies and funding. The most exciting part for me was that as researchers we included everybody in recovery, we made them our partners and we gave a voice to them to come up with a definition of recovery defined by people in recovery. The whole language with addiction and recovery are so personal and so individual.

Dr. Witbrodt is from the Alcohol Research Group, Associate Scientist, Formal and informal solutions to recovery from substance use disorders with emphasis on gender, racial/ethnic and cross-cultural differences.

What Is Recovery? Elements that define recovery and the Science of Recovery systems.

  • How to define recovery?
  • Why undertake this project?
  • There has been little agreement about the definition of recovery from alcohol and drug problems.

Most of what we know about the definition of recovery has come from scientists and  expert panels, not from people in recovery!

The overriding purpose of the “What is Recovery” project was to develop a way of defining recovery based on how it is experienced by those who actually live it.


Guest 2

Personal Addiction Recovery Story

Addiction story with Moe, telling her personal story of addiction and recovery.  Recovery is possible.

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