Trauma & the Struggle to Open Up: From Avoidance to Recovery and Growth

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Trauma and Recovery

This week on Talk Recovery Radio we speak with Dr. Robert T Muller author of “Trauma & the Struggle to Open Up: From Avoidance to Recovery and Growth”. Second half of the show we have Mandy, who tells us how getting diagnosed with cancer helped her get sober. Join us from noon to 1pm on 100.5 fm, Vancouver Co-op Radio. Or on Facebook Live.


Winner, 2019 Written Media Award, International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation.

How to navigate the therapeutic relationship with trauma survivors, to help bring recovery and growth.

In therapy, we see how relationships are central to many traumatic experiences, but relationships are also critical to trauma recovery.  Grounded firmly in attachment and trauma theory, this book shows how to use the psychotherapy relationship, to help clients find self-understanding and healing from trauma.

Offering candid, personal guidance, using rich case examples, Dr. Robert T. Muller provides the steps needed to build and maintain a strong therapist-client relationship –one that helps bring recovery and growth. With a host of practical tips and protocols, this book gives therapists a roadmap to effective trauma treatment.

Meet Dr. Robert T Muller

Dr. Robert T. Muller trained at Harvard, was on faculty at the University of Massachusetts, and is currently at York University in Toronto. Dr. Muller is a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD) for his work on trauma treatment. His newest book, “Trauma & the Struggle to Open Up” was awarded the 2019 ISSTD award for the year’s best written work on trauma. And his award-winning bestseller, “Trauma & the Avoidant Client” has been translated widely. As lead investigator on several multi-site programs to treat interpersonal trauma, Dr. Muller has lectured internationally (Australia, UK, Europe, USA), and has been keynote speaker at mental health conferences in New Zealand and Canada. He founded an online magazine, “The Trauma & Mental Health Report,” that is now visited by over 100,000 readers a year. With over 25 years in the field, he practices in Toronto.

Dr. Robert T Muller said that there is no such thing as someone’s trauma doesn’t count or someone’s trauma doesn’t count any less than another person’s trauma. Dr. Muller says that it can make people feel dismissed and hurt if someone says their trauma is not as bad as another person’s trauma.  He also mentions that even if someone experiences a highly stressful event it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is left with symptoms of trauma.

Dr. Muller explains Trauma as someone who has experienced a period of overwhelming stress of some kind and is left with things that they’re really struggling with but do not know how to deal with it, Trauma Therapy helps those people deal with their issues. The recovery from the Trauma is very possible according to Dr. Muller. But he did mention that the earlier the Trauma happens the harder it is to recover from, not that it is not possible to recover from he added. Recovery from Trauma suffered in early years of life the longer it will take in therapy.

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