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This week on Talk Recovery radio we have 2 great guests, first half of the show Serge Prengel joins us to talk about his book “The Proactive Twelve Steps: A Mindful Program for Lasting Change”. Second half of the show Asha A joins us who is a woman in recovery with over 7 years in recovery. You can catch it all on Talk Recovery’s Facebook page at noon Thursday.

“The Proactive Twelve Steps: A Mindful Program for Lasting Change”

About the book:

The Proactive Twelve Steps outline how you can take a proactive approach to life, gradually stepping up from feeling stuck and powerless to enjoying a balanced and happy life. They are a new take on the original Twelve Steps. They describe the steps as a mindful program instead of a mystical experience in which change somehow happens to you.

This book reflects a deep understanding of behavior change, codependency, stress, and trauma. It presents a clear roadmap for self-compassion and mindful self-discovery. It provides specific step-by-step instructions and a broader context that helps readers make sense of the healing process.

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About Serge

About Serge: Serge Prengel, LMHC, is a graduate of France’s Sorbonne University and HEC Business School. He is certified in Focusing, in Core Energetics and in Somatic Experiencing. His work also draws from Systems-Centered theory. He is a co-founder of the Integrative Focusing Therapy training program.

Serge Prengel’s approach is experiential and integrative. He aims for deep insights that are action-oriented:

“It takes a sense of comfort and safety to explore unresolved challenges, to get in touch with difficult feelings, and to find the motivation and inner strength that foster lasting change.

“My goal is to create the kind of atmosphere that makes this possible. I am emotionally present with you. I use my creativity, and I appeal to your creativity.

“This work is interactive: Both you and I are actively involved in the creative process of making change happen.

“Even dealing with difficult situations can come to feel like a very satisfying process when it is done with emotional honesty and creativity.”

Serge’s Website | Facebook

Guest 2

Asha A

Asha’s Personal Story:

Asha grew up with a single mom and a very dysfunctional extended family.  Her addiction started through experimentation but really took off when she was prescribed a stimulant from her pediatric doctor.  She developed an intravenous drug problem by the age of 19 and ended up homeless, wanted by police and on the run by age 21. She got clean at 24 and then again at 26 after a short relapse. Asha is now over 7 years clean and working as the program manager of the very treatment center she went through.

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