The Power of Pause

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Talk Recovey radio, addiction recovery radio showThis week on Talk Recovery Radio we talk about Mentorship and Sexuality Coach with Recovery Coach Linda Landon.  . Research proves that Business and Life Coaching empowers entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners to set a vision, focus, be accountable, improve communications skills, take effective action, and achieve success in both business and life.

As a Coach, Linda listens deeply, asks powerful questions, and supports clients to recover their authenticity, shift limiting beliefs and perceptions, and learn new behaviors, so they can create the life and business of their dreams. Work gets easier and profits soar, freeing up more time for clients to enjoy their lives.

The Power of Pause

Author Linda Landon talks about her book the Power of Pause.

If you find that your life is teetering out of balance and you are caught up in an endless cycle of doing, you are not alone. Many people have chosen to work with Linda because they are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in their business and life. They have lost touch with what really matters to them. They long to be authentic, to stop struggling, and to reclaim a sense of meaning and purpose.

Her interview is followed by Personal Story with Ashley A

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