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Guest Michael Pond, Author of The Couch of Willingness: An Alcoholic Therapist Battles the Bottle and a Broken Recovery System.

Couch of WillingnessAs I rebuilt my practice I gradually revealed the story of my battle with alcoholism to colleagues and clients and new friends. Their reaction was the same: “Oh my God, you must write a book.”

The Couch of Willingness: An Alcoholic Therapist Battles the Bottle and Broken Recovery System is that book. Michael wrote it with his partner, documentary filmmaker Maureen Palmer.

The “Couch of Willingness” is an a actual couch in a rundown recovery home here on the Lower Mainland. That’s what everyone in the house calls it. Every newcomer must detox and sleep there until he “surrenders” and admits he’

Michael Pond’s harrowing two-year journey to sobriety takes stops in abandoned sheds, dumpsters, ditches, emergency wards, intensive care, and finally, prison. He share’s with Talk Recovery about his journey of addiction recovery and his experience at a Vancouver addiction treatment centre. That’s where Michael landed when he lost everything.

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