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Addiction in the family

Join us this Thursday for Talk Recovery Radio, this week is Co Host Frances Stone’s final show.  Thanks for all the fun times on air Frances, and all the great interview.  Francis’s final guest will be Claudia Marra, author of “The Addicts Widow”

Talk Recovey radio, addiction recovery radio showWitnessing the addiction of a family member or loved one is a heart-breaking experience. This candid, raw, and unforgettable memoir is a true-life story of how a loving wife tried to save her husband from an opioid addiction.

Unlike some popular memoirs, this story alternates between the human and evil sides of living with an addict. She discovered that not only was her husband’s drug addiction spiraling out of control, but that his doctor was at the root of it all. The Addict’s Widow gives voice to the emotions and pain shared by the families of addicts. Above all, it is a powerful personal story of how a mother struggled to keep her children from witnessing the unthinkable while trying to keep her husband alive. Part 2 of Claudia’s memoir, Picking Up the Pieces is her continued journey on how her and her children recovered from this life shattering experience and found happiness and peace after all.

Claudia is also the author of “Picking up the Pieces”

In part one, The Addict’s Widow, Claudia shows the human and evil side of living with an addict. She continues her memoir and takes you on an inspirational journey into part two of her memoir, Picking Up the Pieces. Picking Up the Pieces is a personal journey through life after a family experiences a life shattering experience. Grief is never the same for any two people. How you approach it makes the difference between whether you rise above it or continue to let it defeat you.

This memoir is the second part of a widow’s journey where she shows how her and her children find strength in adversity and slowly pick up the pieces of their broken life. By walking in her shoes, you will feel hope and inspiration through her many anecdotes. Each anecdote of her families’ lives reveals mini hidden instructions on how to find happiness and peace after a tragedy hits home. Picking Up the Pieces is a painful, but inspirational journey of hurt, uncertainty, triumph and true happiness.

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