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Russet Potatoes and Yukon Gold

Last Door Grows Food.  From FARM TO TABLE Program

These are seed potatoes  and they are on the there way to Last Door’s Keystone Retreat.  Clients there participate in Horticultural therapy to overcome their addiction with a sustainable menu for addiction treatment.

About these seeds – There’s about 6 to 12 eyes on each potato, these seeds are cut in half, and are planted facing down.  Each half will harvest 10 potatoes each.   Giving us a total of 500 lbs of potatoes for our clients to enjoy.

Last Door Keystone Retreat provides Addiction Recovery Services.

From farm to table, Last Door’s clients get to enjoy the benefits of growing their own food,

Groups of 5 to 10 Primary Care Clients stay at Keystone for 4 nights each, and participate in Hiking, Smaller Group Work, Recreation and Horticulture activities.

Every Thursday is Alumni Speaker Nights.  This summer will be Cheeseburgers Speaker Nights. Stay Tuned.


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