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This week on Talk Recovery Radio we have 2 guests. Talk Recovery Airs live every Thursday noon to 1 pm, Facebook live or 100.5 fm on Co-op Radio.

We speak with Leslie Shapiro, cohost of podcast Secrets of a Sober Mom. Allows listeners to hear about mothers experiences of being stuck in addiction and finding a way out. Our second guest is Amanda Staller who is the project Coordinator  for the Abbotsford Drug War Survivor’s group. Which is a peer based and peer run program by people who have struggled with homelessness currently or in the past. Join us from noon to 1pm on 100.5 fm, Vancouver Co-op Radio or on Facebook Live.

Guest 1

Secrets of a Sober Mom

For all of the moms who have felt chained to their bottles who are suffering in silence as we did.

“For the moms who put on a mask every day for those around them. For the moms who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You are in the right place. Come on in. Leslie Shapiro, a New York/New Jersey native, and Vanessa Merlini, a Seattle native, hit it off when they met in a recovery meeting at the beginning of the global pandemic in March of 2020. Leslie’s direct and witty approach, combined with Vanessa’s gentle spirit creates a space for healing, honest conversations, and friendship that everyone can relate to. Whether you have been sober for 10 minutes, 10 years, or not sober at all, please join us as we get to know each other – literally! We will talk about our recovery journeys and do our part to reduce the shame and stigma associated with being a mom and being an alcoholic/addict. A spectacular life is possible. We promise.”

Leslie Shapiro is currently in her second season of Secrets of a Sober Mom Podcast. Leslie says any parent can relate to her podcast it can be mothers or fathers who are looking for support. Leslie shares her story of recovery from addiction and the purpose of the podcast. She was a mother that for a long time hid her alcohol addiction from her family until she got a DUI. Leslie shares about the time she had the ultimatum from a family services organization tell her she will not be able to see her kids unless she stops drinking, Leslie shares that  that same day she continued to drink.

Leslie was asked after a mother stops drinking, what do they use as their escape from parenting when they need a break from their kids. Leslie says for her it is connecting with alcoholics and being of service to those in recovery. Leslie talks about how she believes there are many pathways to recovery but her journey started with the 12 steps in AA and she mentions that AA saved her life. Leslie mentions that when she first got sober and she heard people tell stories about their addiction it helped Leslie feel less, alone, she says that she still felt ashamed and guilty but she felt less alone.

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Guest 2

Amanda and Abbotsford Drug War Survivors

Amanda Staller is the coordinator of the Abbotsford Drug War Survivors. Which is a peer-run peer-driven. The peer network consists of 15 people with living experience, many of whom also experience homelessness.  This network meets 8 hours a week and exchange information and harm reduction supplies which are then distributed through our unique networks. Peer Network Members are expert in the areas of drug use, harm reduction and overdose intervention and are highly trained including Occupational First Aid Training.

Abbotsford Drug War Survivors is a group of member who have lived and living experiencing of using and addiction.  Amanda Staller is the project coordinator and the Drug War Survivors has been around for 13 years, they are a group that started coming together and having protests and stood up for their rights as drug users. Also the group helps other people who are current users by handing out naloxone kits.

Brad who is security at the drop in centre speaks about what a drug war survivor and what the purpose of the organization is. He mentions that they are an advocacy and awareness group, who like to provide a bridge street entrenched people with services where they don’t always have a voice if they need services. For the holidays the Drug War Survivors have a space to provide the homeless with a meal and a warm space to be in for the day. Brad shares about how he was on the streets himself and he had some extremely poor situations and experiences with services where he had not been able to access any services. Brad says that the fact that he now is helping others who were once in his situation gives him a reason to get up and get excited about everyday now that he feels he has a real purpose.

Holly, another member of the organization speaks on the fact that they are not enabling people using drugs, Abbotsford Drug War Survivors are there to provide current drug users supplies to use safely so the individuals are not sharing needles and other supplies that can pass on diseases.


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