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This week, Shalu Sharma-Bhumrah of UpLyft Wellness & Counseling LTD speaks with Talk Recovery Radio and Darian J shares his personal story of addiction recovery.

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Guest 1- Shalu Sharma-Bhumrah of UpLyft Wellness & Counseling LTD

Uplyft Wellness and CounsellingShalu has spent years working on the front lines until she decided it was time to be more and do more for her community. Over the years she started off as an at-risk youth worker and transitioned into working with at risk vulnerable and marginalized youth. As she completed higher studies she began to focus her work for those primarily involved in the criminal justice system in advocacy and then through counseling. She has also done a great deal of work among the special needs community as well- focusing on behavioral development, predominantly with adults. Currently, she is back in school working on her psychiatric nursing degree as she would like to take on new challenges, by working on a therapeutic medical level with vulnerable and or marginalized population. She opened her clinic, UpLyft Wellness & Counseling Ltd where they focus on not being a barrier in order to access mental health services within the capacity of outreach counseling and subsidized services. Shalu found that there was something missing in the support system for mental health and addiction recovery…connection. With a connection in mind, UpLyft developed a person-centered wellness strategy that combines accessible, affordable counseling and sustainable network.

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Guest 2 – Personal Story of Addiction Recovery

Darian J joins Talk Recovery Radio to share his personal story of addiction recovery.

Darian overcame his addiction and learned how to live with Autism at Last Door Rehab Centre, LAST WEEK IT WAS HIS ONE YEAR CLEAN CELEBRATIION. Congratulations Darian on persevering through your journey. Have a listen to his story and find out how his favourite TV Show, The Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons helped Darian BAZINGA his addiction.
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