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This week on Talk Recovery Radio Vanisha Breault joins us to talk about her book “Ordinary Courage” and being the founder of The Terminator Foundation, this Thursday from noon-1pm PST on Facebook Live and 100.5fm Co-op Radio

Ordinary Courage

About the Book: The lives of Vanisha Breault’s entire family were forever changed when her oldest daughter disclosed that she had repeatedly been sexually abused by her stepfather. In this harrowing depiction, Vanisha recounts the fallout from the abuse, the criminal proceedings, and her family’s eventual descent into poverty, addiction and seeming hopelessness. Vivid and shocking, revealingly raw, Ordinary Courage, is the profound, deeply intimate story of one woman’s quest for survival in the face of unimaginable adversity.

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Vanisha Breault

About Vanisha: It takes gusto to live your recovery out loud, but that is how Vanisha Breault has pledged to live her life—every day. Recognizing her community as a chance to impact change on a local and national level, she is a crusader for social justice. Vanisha’s personal story of addiction is the motivating force behind her dream of breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health issues—a goal that couldn’t be timelier.

Vanisha is the Founder of the Terminator Foundation, a nonprofit organization helping youth overcome addiction. Its motto The Truth is You Can Recover drives the mission to revolutionize lives through the sport of triathlon. Offering one-on-one coaching, training, support, mindfulness practices and a guaranteed non-judgemental atmosphere, the Foundation hosts an annual conference and several fundraisers to help support individuals and families impacted by addiction.

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Terminator Foundation

The Terminator Foundation’s vision is to reach individuals on a global scale who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction to radically revolutionize their lives using the Triathlon experience. Through the experience of training we offer support, coaching, mindfulness techniques and a non-judgmental supportive atmosphere that says, YES YOU CAN!

The Terminator Foundations vision is to reach all youth and young adults who are impacted by addiction and mental health and radically transform their lives through sports coaching, peer support, team training, endurance and triathlon participation while supporting efforts to terminate the shame and indignity of addiction with education, awareness and understanding. Terminator Foundation is a collaboration of integrated health care systems who support youth and young adults in their effort to recover from addiction and mental health issues. Our goal is to strengthen recovery through a continuum of care model that incorporates physical exercise in the sport of Triathlon training, personal coaching, and community engagement. The Terminator Foundation brings effective action in the areas of education, awareness and compassion to make a difference in the lives of youth, their families, our communities, cities and across the country.

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