May 2021 News


May 2021 News From Canada’s Recovery Community

Recovery Capital software to help overcome addiction  

The Last Door Launches the My Recovery Plan Software, so every Canadian with Substance Use Disorder builds their recovery capital for better health outcomes.  The software assesses, monitors, and mentors people’s recovery journey.



The Last Door Implements Recovery Capital Assessments into Patient Care

At intake, clients participate in a Recovery Capital Assessment, upon getting a baseline score, recovery goals are attached to their client profile, our goal is to see how Last Door’s treatment model increases Recovery Captial. Evidence shows, people with high Recovery Capital have better outcomes.  In 90 Days, Last Door has increased Clients Recovery Capital from -14.6 to +67.55,  See a snapshot here

Better AppGlobal Overdose and Recovery APP launches

The days of the abstinence community sitting on one side of the room and drug users and harm reduction people on the other side of the room are over.

Last Door launches BETTER App to connect the recovery world while providing a safe digital space where no one has to use alone again.  Download Today

Last Door Education Store Addiction and Mental Health Online Course 

Last Door is offering online education for counsellors to obtain continuing education credits for certification.

OVER 65 courses – Enroll Today

Alumni Spotlight

I was dropped off at the Last Door Recovery Centre in New Westminster. To be honest, I used all my drugs and went on a bender after my visit to the centre 4 days prior. I was dropped off by my brother still high and really unsure of what I was even doing. All I knew was that I needed help, regardless of how bad my demons wanted me to stay out and keep using. I wanted to leave shortly after my check-in. I kept looking outside the blinds thinking …… to read Rain’s story, click here  

Farm To Table Project

Over 10,00 Square feet of organic farming takes place at Last Door Keystone Retreat, clients, volunteers and alumni participate in the healing power of gardening.

Recovery Month Logo

Recovery Month 

Recovery Month is being recognized in Ontario and Alberta, the Federal Government VOTED NO to officially make September Recovery Month. To be part of the 2021 Recovery Month events please email

Recovery Day BC Logo

Recovery Day BC

The Recovery Day Society Committee appreciates the 65,000 people who viewed last year’s virtual event on facebook.

In June an announcement will be made to discuss the 2021 plans. Want to volunteer? Contact us on our website

clean sober and proud Clean Sober Proud

Stay tuned for 2021 In-Person Pride Events.  Last Door is partnering with Vancouver Pride to host a COVID Safe Outdoor Event. An Alumni event will also take place to create a virtual float.

Talk Recovery Radio Logo

Talk Recovery Radio 7th Season

Hundreds of Guests, thousands of listeners over 7 Years, The Last Door produces a weekly radio show, having conversations about the many pathways to addiction recovery with global experts. Talk Recovery airs live every Thursday at noon on 100.5 FM.  Show ideas? email    Replay Shows


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