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This week on Talk Recovery Radio we have 2 amazing guests. First on the show Tina Angel joins us to Talk about Three Crosses Canada, a Christian based ministry that helps those who are living with or in love with an alcohol abuser, Tina also is talking about her book Forever in Love with an Alcohol Abuser. Second on the show is 20 year old Kayla C who is sharing her experience of dealing with addiction in her family with her father and herself falling into addiction, her dad now 4 years clean. All on Facebook Live from 12-1pm PST

Guest 1

Three Crosses Canada

This ministry began with a seed planted in my heart in 2017.    It was a very small and vague concept back then.  In February 2018, the decision to move to my present location was made, but no plan of how was revealed.  During this time, it was a period of personal growth for me.

Between February 2018 and February 2019, God revealed bits and pieces of this ministry.  In the Spring of 2019, God accelerated the growth within me and began revealing more of the blueprint .  I spent hours, upon hours in prayer, seeking and knocking on Heaven’s door.  Little by little, manifestation appeared.

This ministry was birthed by God.  I give all the credit to Him.  I wish I could declare I was obedient in every moment God gave me direction, moving out the second He gave me an order; however, in God’s grace we are here.

This ministry is about YOU; not your alcohol abuser.  What do I mean by alcohol abuser?  We are all God’s children.  Period.  We are not God’s alcoholics.  Not God’s failures.  Not God’s unsaveables.  We are God’s children.  ALL ARE WORTHY!  An alcohol abuser is simply someone who uses alcohol whether for escape, physical dependence, motivated by spiritual condemnation or a host of other reasons.  They are still a child of God, whether saved or not.  God adores them.  He wants them saved and healed and to come to the full knowledge of who they are in Christ.

God gave us two commands: to love God with everything we got and to love others with everything we got.  As we grow in the Lord, we have more to love God with and more to love ourselves with which allows us to love others with more.  And it is with love we motivate ourselves and others to change.

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Forever in Love with an Alcohol Abuser

Globally, it is estimated that 107 to 240 million people abuse alcohol to varying degrees. Even if only one person is affected by an alcohol abuser, that leaves 107 to 240 million people battling fear, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, physical and mental abuse, depression, bitterness, and stress caused by a relationship with an alcoholic. People who are in relationships with alcohol abusers often do not know that there is a guaranteed way to overcome the debilitating trap of the enemy, who not only is setting up traps for the alcohol abuser, but he is also causing the loved one to be deceived into believing things will never change and get better.

God did not create His children to live in poverty, mental anguish, or spiritual defeat. It is time to make the decision to follow Christ and live a victorious life. This book will show you how you can live in peace, joy, and have prosperity even if you choose to remain living with the alcohol abuser. You will discover that you can dream and live again.

Your breakthrough into a confident, strong, wise, and maturing Christian requires work and determination; and the steps to lead you to freedom are found in this book. God is no respecter of persons; what He did for the author of this book, He will do for you. Let this book launch you into a life of freedom that you may never have had or imagined having before.

This book will also be a valuable asset for those living with or loving someone who has another addiction, such as drugs, overeating, pornography, sexual promiscuity, or is a workaholic.

Buy the book here

Guest 2

Kayla’s Personal Story

My name is Kayla, I’m 20 years old and have had many years of my life dealing with family hardships. I graduated high-school in 2020 and am wanting to soon go into post secondary to be a substance abuse counsellor. I love being with my family, watching classic movies, having bonfires with my friends, and taking my dog for walks.

I’ve had addiction struggles myself, even though I may be young, addiction can start at any point in your life. I learnt the hard way to stop my problem. Almost losing the best job I could have, breaking up relationships around me, and losing friends. I knew I had to change immediately to keep the good things I had in my life. It took a lot of strength but that’s the whole thing. Strength from myself and others helped me, and my dad as well.

Many say religion is the key to recovery. And I agree. No matter what religion or path of worship you take, it does make a difference. But it only makes that difference if your mind is also in it. If you have the true belief that what your praying for will help than that’s the best start. Things come when you stay positive.

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