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This week on Talk Recovery Radio Author, motivational speaker, recovery coach podcaster and founder of “Life is Wonderful” Hugo Vrsalovic joins the show for the full hour. Catch it all on Talk Recovery’s Facebook page here.

About Hugo

Addiction Recovery StoryHugo Vrsalovic is the founder of Life Is Wonderful. Hugo V. has met difficult challenges in his life that allows him to relate to people who are dealing with similar struggles. With over 20 years in recovery from gambling and alcohol along with being in therapy for 7 years, he truly believes that 12 Step meetings, therapy, and retreats work. Hugo V. is the son of immigrant parents and is fluent in Spanish. His family history is of Bolivian and Croatian background. Hugo V. has graduated with an MBA from Rice University, BBA from The University of Texas at Austin, and graduated from Strake Jesuit College Preparatory. He is a DTM Toastmaster.

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About Life is Wonderful

Addiction Recovery SupportsLife Is Wonderful is a business that focuses on empowering people who are struggling with addiction by using methods of honest self-awareness. Self-awareness is defined as one’s conscious knowledge of character, motives, desires, and feelings. Life Is Wonderful believes people who struggle with addiction and other matters such as family issues and spirituality can seek help only if they have the desire to do so. The founder of Life Is Wonderful, Hugo Vrsalovic, has created a unique twist on “The 12 Steps” called “The 12 Steps – Explained,” which explains each step in a different way, hoping to get people to understand the Steps and become grateful for the Steps since the Steps can transform lives and help you be content. The 12 Steps involve having honest self-reflection, having positive support, making positive changes, and maintaining that positive change.

Life Is Wonderful has a goal of transforming the lives of people who are struggling with addiction and life by practicing self-awareness.

​The founder, Hugo Vrsalovic, is the motivational public speaker for Life Is Wonderful and connects with audiences to help them think, feel, and see differently on life struggles. Hugo Vrsalovic uses personal experiences, humor, and scientific knowledge to make an impact. He speaks at middle schools, high schools, corporations, universities, and recovery centers. Currently, he is writing an audiobook.


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